Tuesday, January 22, 2013


   Wow, we are 2/3 of the way through the month and I have nothing creative to share, not even pictures of my  wonderful  family ~    I will try to correct that real soon

    My daughters, grandchildren and I  had to face another sadness in our lives.  Another death of a loved one,  yes  3  in 21 months to the day , but who  is counting ? !    My girls  loved this man that chose to be "grandpa " to them all of their lives..  A lesson in life that family is not always  connected  by blood.  They were given years of  happiness,  love  and  good memories, along with teachings of  life, respect,and all  HE thought  was  right and important. Tho we may not agree,  but to be able to still care, love and respect  is a characteristic  beyond  my words.
 I am proud  he was able to  to  smile when he was with  my girls  and then their children too .   And  so glad  he  was able to  make  their life  better in  some ways...
Life is full of mysteries,  some never to be  solved  .

    It was  hard the last few months, "knowing" , yet not knowing  "when ".   I am so proud of my girls, for  giving him his  due  respect that they felt was  right... A life lesson for sure ~  no matter what  others saw , felt   or thought,  they were able to do what was in their heart, and important to them..  That was  his choice,  for them to be there  til  the end ...

    Some times  just sharing words and pictures  are necessary.   Thank you all for  allowing me  that privilege .
    I do hope  for normality in my life again, ~  seems like I have been here before ~
so I hope I  find my calm,  my peace...
  When I cannot  reach  others  with  kindness, I try to  still find a way to  express my  heart..
    So now I am off to try to find a space in this mini brain  to  go back to  my  passion...create and share

    Thanks for stopping by,  remember ,  the lone chair is there  for you to sit a while,
  sure wish we could have some tea  and visit...
  Take care , see you all soon I hope... With a smile in my heart 


Thursday, January 3, 2013


          Happy  2013  to all of you .
    I am sorry there is not anything  new here. Christmas time is always  busy,  and keep in mind  that I have  three family birthdays in December all before Christmas .  But this  year  my family was  so sick  two to three weeks  before Christmas, so I helped watch their children,  did shopping when I could ~  Then the Friday before I was hit hard and fast, I was so sick it scared me.  My daughters were amazing  with their  help and we were able to have and enjoy Christmas on Christmas day .
   I did not make any Christmas cards, I did no  Christmas baking   and my youngest daughter did almost all of my wrapping while my  oldest daughter  was out shopping for me and  picking up medicine.  .  Plus we had a storm  the Thursday before, were with out power just a few  hours .
   So I think it is safe to say it was the most different Christmas  I have ever had ~   but it was White  Christmas : )
 The LOVE of FAMILY was still here and in abundance .
    The night we put my tree up , we found I needed new lights ~ of course~ I was so sad that I could not get it  decorated ~ My youngest grandson  did this on  his own, came and gave me a hug  and said  " it is ok gramma,  we will get it done  "
   I am so blessed

  Here is  another  picture  after  my tree was  decorated  and gifts  were  under it ...It looks a little different  huh ?  : )

  New Years  day we carried on  with  our tradition of 15  years  at least,  to start the New Year as a family. We were all together  New Years Eve as well,  party hats, noise makes ,yummy snacks  and happy  kids ~  Sisters  that enjoyed each others company  and a son in law that  tried to  keep us all happy...A perfect  picture to add to my memories .
    New Years Day  other family  members  came, we  shared good food,  and time with each other  I got to see my great nephew I  have only seen once or twice  so far,   we played games,  and it was a great way to start the New Year...We hope the rest of the year  follows suit.
   I do not  make  make  resolutions,  I just try to decide  on some thing  I need to work on  within  my self... And it is easier  to  try  to accomplish it usually  ...  This year I want to  see  what I am doing  that I can better~  I know to be HAPPY  that one must be honest with them self  so  I am searching to see what I am hiding behind...  I  know  can reach a higher level of  HAPPINESS  and help others in someway too .
 Well at least I hope I can : )

  I wish you all  ONLY  good things for this year...Especially those that  make you happy ~  Family  makes me  happy  , and seeing them happy  is even better ~
                  But most of all  May 2013 be BLESSED for all of us