Saturday, April 26, 2014


        Hello  there , how are all of you  ?  Are you enjoying  the weather??  We sure are  here  ~ another  day  of sun shine and temps in he mid 70's . Not too bad  for  a day in April in the  Midwest   : )
        How was  your Easter? Ours was  wonderful, I will be back  with pics  to share  in a day or two...
But for  now  I  have  some  book marks  to share .
          I have a special  friend  that  is invited to the Walk To Emasus  every  year  to speak, and  she loves to give away  gifts. This is the second year she asked me  to make  bookmarks  to go with the Bibles  she is giving away...After the very long winter  here  her only  request was  to use  these verses  again and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  use pastels   maybe we can  get Spring to break  out here   : )

       I enjoyed  making these ~ such happy colors  ~ and I was able to use  up some  of my  stash. the inserts  are corner rounded and  edged in ink to match the back piece ,,,the  scripture is computer generated ( with help from my oldest grand daughter  ~ thanks Ali  girl )   the cross is  a favorite  little stamp  I have ... The ribbon work was  decided and done by my  youngest daughter,  she knows  ribbon is not my best  technique  lol   I corner rounded the bottoms of the back pieces, the  top was too snug of a fit with the ribbon in place...
       A valuable lesson learned  : )
                                                                     And a close  up

        Some of  you heard  me  wishing~ very loudly ~  that  I had not waited  until the last two days  to make these ~  Yes I  knew  for a month  or two  *  sigh .
So  there was  just  a few  time consuming steps,  since I  made  60  of these   : ) 
        I was not complaining,  well other than my back hurting  from bending over the  cutter  and snapping  the  metal guide on that cutter too    lol
          But I love doing these  for Miss Amy, I feel blessed to know her  and  honored to  do any thing for her  

So  now we wait to see if  it worked ~  So far  we  have  much sun shine  and  nice temps ...
maybe I should  have made them sooner  ???

I  hope to upload Easter pics to share,  we  have  my grandsons  birthday party tonight  and a 50 th Anniversary  celebration  to attend  tomorrow 
My Krista is doing the cake  : )  I cannot wait to see that  

So grab a glass of tea,  and  check in  in a day  or  two...  

As always, thanks for Stopping by  ,  
Smile  and  Enjoy  your day  


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


    Hello,  yes I thought  Spring was here , until yesterday when we  had  SNOW and temps in the 20's again...So  are we really going to  have a spring this year?  or are we being teased ????
    My cards today  are both  fun cards,  are are made  with  some sweet SPRING  related  goodies  from a friend, and  of course a few things from my stash  too

    The first card  is  a card  on a  card ...  and is square  just because I thought that fit  better... I  used some  pretty pretty  turquoise  vellum  and a  flower brad  that was  gifted,  and I added  turquoise   and  blush  card stock...  and some sheer turquoise  ribbon  I  thought  matched up nicely ...  Inside the top card ( the smaller one ) I stamped"May God's Love Brighten Your Day "    and on the  inside of the  big card  I stamped "When I  make a card for you, I  put a Prayer Inside "  It is  in the mail to my sister - in - law  that struggles with  health issues...  I thought the blush  was soft  and  may carry some Peace to her,  with the  bright color  to carry  happiness

And card  number two  just  made me  happy to make it ...  The image and ribbon  was  gifted, and I dug into  my  "doggie  stash " for the rest... The dp  is  sparkly... and this was so easy  to put together..

I still have  many pieces  to use and  two precious images,  I am chicken to color...  But I am  building  courage...

I am not sure if I will be back this week,  My oldest daughter is having a gathering  here at my house Friday, so  I need to be cleaning,  Plus  Easter dinner and Egg Hunt will be  here...Monday is my little  buddy's  birthday,   and I need to have 60 book marks  completed  by next Wednesday  for a sweet dear friend...

So  til  next time, when ever that may be   Easter Blessings  from me to you   and Happy Spring too

                                                            Thanks for stopping  by the porch,  

Monday, April 7, 2014

And April is here

First  of all, I am sorry this post is late, seems  I  did  not  upload  a particular  card,  tho I thought I  did~  so I had to wait  to see if I could  snatch it back long enough to scan it 
                                                      Only  in  my  life  Right ???   : ) 

So  ,   Hello, how is April starting off for  you??  Did  you say goodbye  to March on a good note??
I sure did ! My middle  grand daughter  turned 15  on the  29th, we  had a  lunch  gathering  for  her  and  then some shopping to spend  some of  her  "gifts "  Yes she was  thrilled...  It seems  make  up  was important this year...   said with a smile,  She is  a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I hope some day she realizes  that the make  up is not  the reason ~  but  I love that she knows what she wants, and  goes after it .
                                                She is truly a special  young lady .

My card  today  is  her  birthday card,  I was stumped  not only with her gift  but a card to  suit her  or  her day... However  her cousin was  taking her to the movies  later that day...and they both were so excited...  So I  just  dug in to some  birthday  dp and  embellishments...And   used some of her  likeable colors ...  The inside I  created  a  movie  ticket  to be a  pocket  for cash ~  just to be sure  the  two  young  ladies  had  enough  money  for the evening ~
 As we all know,  some times  they  forget that  or  simply look past  it 
                                                            Either way  here it is 

                                                                         and the inside 

  Ah  but the best  part,  when  her  dad  asked  who that  card  was  from,  her answer was                                                "Grandma Soni,  her cards are  better than Hallmark"  
Yes, she knows  how to  make  me  feel loved  ...   I am so  blessed  with  my grand  kids...  

ok , that is it for today...  Now I am  off to enjoy  my  youngest grand son for  just a few minutes...  he is getting off the  bus  here today...  I  made  fresh  warm  yummy sugar  cookies  ,
 because according to him
                                                   "that is what  grammas  do "  

 So  on with April,  I  have  things  spinning  in my head  ~  Lets see if I can  get  them on  paper
 Enjoy  your  day,  Hope  you remembered  to smile,  and  share  that  smile along the way  

                           Waving  good  bye  from  the front  porch  ~ til next time    ~
                                                    Thanks so  much  for stopping by