Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here He. is...

Wyatt Ryan. Quick
So glad I figured it out.  Lol

Monday, April 13, 2015

March winds. Brought us a BABY

Hello, yes my new grandson was born March 24  right on his due dae. His mommy had a long day. But at 12:56 am he arrived. With a little help .He is beautiful and my third grand son. And the youngest of 6 grand children . He is such a good baby and eating. Really good, doing all the pooping and peeing he is supposed to. Lol
He was welcomed home by his big sister Alissa who fell in love with him, and 2 big brothers, Cody at 14. And Dustin is almost 11. I am sure he will be taught how to play ball by all of them
His mommy and daddy settled in as pros at being good parents again    

                                so, here he is, please meet Wyatt Ryan Quick
                                   who we thought was going to be called. #4  

Yes he may be the sixth, butGod always makes sure there is enough room in my heart and enough LOVE too. I am so blessed...

Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing my joy
I hope to add more pictures soon.  Til then, remember to smile

Hmmm I see the picture did not post, I am on the iPad. Since the 3 rd laptop has stopped working. For me...lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still creating...but with material

                                                           No  Cards Today
However I thought I would share a few of the blankets that I made  for  our new little  guy...The three

on top  are  the last three I  made,  and  the  adorable monkey face one Ali made for  her  new little brother, and  gave to  Krista  the day we  did a card shower  from friends  back home at church...

And these are the first few I made  .I love all the choices of fabric Krista choose...

 So  there  you have  it...I do  have one more to make,  his  gramma  blanket   : )

                                       Thanks  for stopping by,  I am glad to see you  all...
                                            Hope you are having a  "smiley" kind of day

                                                         See you all soon, bye for now  ...


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello I am back

Yes it has been a very long time. As most of you know, it was a very busy summer for me.
Then  in September I helped my youngest daughter and her family  move to Colorado and stayed for a couple of weeks.

That led to a process for me to decide  where I was going to live..I decided  to  accept  their offer to come live with them. yes I am blessed
Sadly that  was not an easy decision, as I  left  my oldest daughter and  two very special grand daughters  in Illinois  along with  family members and friends ,  that are a part of my every day living... For those that do not know me,  my family and dear friends are my life.

It took several weeks to  give away  , sell, and store  most of my belongings.and lots of packing.I was blessed with  good  help  and in time I was ready to make the move. So in November  my daughter and family  came to move me...

So  I am in Colorado, it has been great. the weather is not too bad  where we are,  my family is doing well here. And  my  family  back in Illinois  does a lot of face timing and calling...thank goodness for new technology  Speaking of technology, I do not have my desktop  or my awesome printer/ scanner, so  it is a new world for me  to learn  how to  simply  post on my blog...Then  my laptop died, so I am using one  from my daughter  as well as an Ipad she gifted me with...yes I am blessed

They say change is  good,  and I am trying... For those that know me. well, sometimes change is a big struggle  for me...I am trying,  slowly
As this is my second attempt  to post this  update on  this blog....

I am sad to say my crafting  supplies did not make the move,  as there was not quite enough room in the trailer ~ and my son-in-law thought I needed my bed and clothes more   lol
They are all packed and waiting until the time we can go get them...

Til then, Krista's craft area  is set  up...well kind of  sort  of...yes that is another story, are you ready for that???

Krista had  her  new craft room all set  up and  in order,  she was  excited... However  she learned a new  baby  was on the way,  and he needed a room...So   her craft room was emptied and sat up in a large  corner of their dining room... Functional, looks  good   and we are thankful.
And it did not take Krista long to find an SU consultant close by   Plus Krista and I have been to a couple of SU classes  out here  and  that  was awesome... So I will have a few things  to share

So  did  any of you  figure out  the best part of all of this??? I am going to be a grandma  again  insert a huge  happy smile...# 6  and the third  boy    currently  we refer to him as # 4  lol

So for now I will leave  you with this message, but I  will be back...  crossing my fingers and saying please God...I will share pics of where I live, and my family  and  creations   when I can

2014  was a year of many challenges, many changes...many prayers... and many tears ...

I hope you enjoyed the hot tea...maybe tomorrow I will have some banana bread to go with it
Thank you all that have checked in on me, and still support me...I  really appreciate  you all

See  you all soon,  bye  for  now

Soni B...caretaker of Sonisfrontporch

also known as Sonja

or  grandma  Soni