Monday, June 23, 2014


Hello there,how are all of you ?? Are you enjoying the  beginning  of Summer??
I know  here  it seems like  RAIN  RAIN  RAIN  with a flew blups of beautiful SUNSHINE   ~  I am trying  not to complain, as I know some  have much  worse to deal with  ~ floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides,  yep  ALL much worse...

So today I  have some pictures  all related to  RAIN...  We  had a  few  massive  downpours  Sunday  night after several days  of rain  of and on ~ this is a  ditch  between my yard and the road   going towards  my  youngest daughters  house

And  this was  the  early  night  sky  after  the  downpours   I love the  swirls of  color
~    just like God was  painting  us a picture  ~ 

  And  these are  some of  my flowers  that  are doing  nicely ~  thanks to all of the rain
Some of the really pretty one  keep  posting sideways... So maybe another time  I can  share those

 I love Gerberas, this is  just one bloom from  seven   on this plant right  now. My grand daughter Brooke  brought me the  plant with  white and  yellow  Gerberas   for Mothers Day

                                                  OOPPPS   look  who  snuck in   ~   lol
                                                                 My little  heartbeat
                  This was  taken  after  we  stood in the door watching it rain  while  the sunshine was out.
                    Her  words "  rain all done  Mom Mom   go outside  and play  PLEASEEEEE "
So  a little rain  must  fall,  some  times a lot of rain  will fall   ~ But  that is just  fine .

The other  part was , I came  to my  craft room  in the later  after noon on Sunday and played  until  the rain brought darkness  and I had to stop ~  I did get 2 cards completely made and  another one  almost  figured  out in my head. Two are mailed already  but they are scanned in.So  as soon as # 3  is  made I will be  back  to share

Ours day  are  in the 80's  So  Ice Tea  it  is ladies.  Grab a glass  and enjoy   THE  FRONT  PORCH with the  view   of  flowers and critters  and God's beauty all around

                                                  Thanks  for stopping by,  See you all soon ...
                                                                            Soni  B