Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hello,  I found some  cool  pictures this morning  of  Autumn and Halloween  time...
So  I decided  to  give  you all a challenge...
The first one is traditional in  autumn colors and thought... so pretty easy, just  create a  card  using this picture as your inspiration...  You can use the color scheme, or  the  desgn  , just what ever  your mind and heart leads you to do...

 Now  the second one, well it is  not  traditional  at all  as far as Halloween colors...  So get ready to have fun   : )    yes I am smiling  big time on  Again  just  create  what  your  heart and  mind lead  you to  do... Have  Fun

So  create  and  I want to see...if  you cannot  leave in comments ~ I have no clue if you can or not ~  them   
email them to me ...

or  post on  our blog thread... or  where ever  you know  how to reach me...

Thanks  for stopping  by,  I know  iced tea  in October is a little odd,
 but at 75 degrees,  I thought it  a good idea...   

 Have a great weekend,  Smile and  make someones day happy

 I will check  back soon to see what  you created...  

Til then,  bye bye...  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As Promised...

Hello   welcome  October  and this  beautiful season.
        Last  time I was  here I promised  a viewing of  a few cards  my sister in law  made while she was  visiting  me...  Life   is on a  roll...busy  busy... Lot of things going on, more to  think about  ...
 and  I   just  got  lazy...
       So  here we  go
  This  was a birthday card  for  Krista,  Sue left it  behind  to surprise her.  Some sparkly dp, sweet  bow and ribbon placement   some  bling  to make the flowers  pop... All in Purple  because  she knew that would  make Krista  smile...

And # 2
This was  for Sue's great grandson  that shared a birthday celebration with  Sue  while  she was  here visiting...they had a great family gathering... Gabe is nine I believe  and she choose baseball theme...  So she used some great  do,  fun letter stickers  and  basic matting...   He loved it, it was perfect I am sure...

And # 3

I love  this...clean and fresh...isn't  it  just pretty  ?  Sue  had  so much fun  playing with my punches, and  dies  and embossing folders... yes  the card from  is embossed with tiny flowers   sorry it is  not showing well.. She added the sweet butterflies  and even  found  matching  ribbon in mt stash...Inagine  that ???   lol

 So  there is a view  of  another  crating eye... She  is a wonderful seamstress,  just  loves to sew...  she can look at it  and  make it...  She is truly gifted...

She  has a site on ETSY
 Or  you can  reach  me  if  you want to see  any of  her crafting...

My bother  bought  her a Sizzix  : )    after  she  fell in love with mine..So I am hoping to see some sweet  cards  added  to that page soon. She  has  purchased a few  punches  and a few more  folders and dies  to  go along with  what we sent  her home with...  And She is  loving  paper crating... I hear  (  from  my brother )  there  is a wall of stamps  there too ...  YIPPEE...

Sue is  you see this, thanks  for  making  the cards  for  me to share... and  I   love  you...

And  for all of the rest of  you here   today , Thanks  for  being    so patient...  I guess itis a good  thing  I do not   have a shock collar  lol
So as the weather cools off,  would  you a;; prefer  some  warm  mulled cider,  or  some  hot cocoa  or  just  hot  tea  like me ???

I will throw a blanket or quilt out  on the chair  for the  chilly  mornings or  evenings... Thans  so much for stopping by.
.Bye Bye for now

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


     Well yes I know August is gone, lol      but as always,  here I am  a  bit late...

       So  here is  a card that I made  for  my sister - in - law ,  and the best part was I was able to spend  her birthday with her. That was the first in many many  years...  I am sad to say I was not feeling well, after a weekend of  either  motion sickness  gone to vertigo  or what ever   it hit me...    But we  did just enjoy being together..  .I treasure this lady, she  has been a part  of my life  for  over 50  years...I am so blessed,  she  has always  been  that " big sis "  that I did not have...
        I used  some  beautiful dp  from a  friend,  and  dry embossed  the solid color  with a folder from Sizzix,  matched up and used some velvet ribbon  from my  stash, just  to pretty it up.  And then  butterflies,  yes  just because I  love them...a touch of   " bling"   and  a simple sentiment..

       I  had to fit  this in,  as I  turned  Sue  loose in my  stamping / scrap book room  to  create  cards while she was here...    And  oh I  think she liked it   : )    She liked it so much  my brother  bought  her a Sizzix  for  her  Birthday...   You are  welcome  big brother  : ) .

             The second card for today   is  the card I made  for  my youngest daughter Krista,   I struggle with  cards  for her.. Any of you that  know her, know  she  has an eye  for  perfection  in crafting, as well as  cake  decorating  and life in general... 

But   here it is,  hope it made  her smile ... 
           I did not  use a true PURPLE,  which is her favorite color,  but I  loved this image ( pre colored  )  from LOTV ... I had this  awesome  dp  out  and  off I went. The scan does not show  the color well, it did actually  look pretty good together.I  made a square card  because I thought it showed off the image better  

So, pretty paper,  fancy ribbon  a sweet little happy birthday stamp  and the awesome image... my work was  made easy...  : )  
Though my  little  girl is all grown up, I still remember  these days...  ..  

            Now  for the best part...  my next  blog post will feature some of the cards  that  my sister in law Sue  created  while she was  here...  I keep telling her to  put  some  up on her Etsy account  or at a church function... 
She is a fantastic seamstress,  so I love to see  where her creativity takes  her...  
So please  be sure  to stop  back  and  check  her  cards  out...
and get a link to her Etsy account too  : ) 
Thanks  so much   for stopping by,   It is still warm enough  to enjoy some iced tea... 
I so appreciate  those of you that  come  visit... If you have  not,  please leave me a comment, I would love to read  what you think  about  my   cards  and words 
Love you all  

And til next time, Smile  and share  some goodness  with someone...  

Bye Bye now  

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello,  time  to  create again

I needed a birthday card  for  a  special  young lady,  I choose to love  her 26  years ago  , and in return I got a lot of  love and  happy memories... 

I used a  gift  image  and choose some pretty DP  and colored  that image  to match or coordinate   with colored  pencils, then  a blender pen, my favorite way to  color... 
I  love the SU label dies  and  I used some clear liquid  gloss on the flowers to  make them shiny.  And a piece of  velvet ribbon  to make the color pop  ... This card is  5 x 6 1/2  inches. 

Again I love square cards...  this one  opens  in the  center  ..
I used some  blush colored  card stock  against the  black  card, I think it  makes a nice contrast... 
I used Sizzix  label # 18  dies,  some  ribbon in my stash, that was purchased to go with the  blush card stock   and then soaped a fun butterfly  in  blush  , just to add  some  thing  so  it was  not so plain...  The double layer of labels  is  attached  only to the left side  so the card  opens  ...This card is 5 1/2  x  5 1/2  and  really an easy and quick card...It will be  going out to a special lady .

  Well there  you have it,  the first card is  way out of my  comfort zone, but I love the way it turned out...soft and pretty... 
 I  love the quote, at the  top oft the post...It is so me...  I love  to create...but  need that  push ...

Thanks  for stopping  by,  Come  back  soon... Have a great week... And  SMILE

til next time,  waving  

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello, how are  all of you today?  As we say good  bye to July, one of  my favorite  months usually,  I am ready to welcome  August this year... I have  three cards to share, two are  from out  group that love to share ideas and challenges...And one is a birthday  card  for my  brother Bill 

So  here we go  
First is Bill's card,  both of my brothers and I share a love for trains... I love  Basic Grey Paper  and  this is all I could come up with...  I distressed  the edges  to go with the  look of the paper  

# 2  is  from our August  ideas and goodies,  I love  the  selection of paper  we were  given...Awesome stuff  
This card is  for  my  niece,  hope she is  not peeking in here  today 
 If you are,   I love  you Tanya... 
I used  paper and  die  cut   and sentiment  along with  following  the chalenge to make a  FLAT card  that  would not cost EXTRA  to mail...
I added some  bling because Tanya is a "sparkly "  kind of  gal

#3  is  a special  card....not to be  mailed to any one~ but to start off August  in the  mind to remember and celebrate 

I used lots of  bling to  create a HAPPY  look  
So are  you smiling?  And are  you wondering  why it is a HAPPY DAY

OK  here ya  go... 

Today is a reminder yet also a day to celebrate.... 

10 years ago today 

was diagnosed with cancer and started my journey to fight that battle... 

I had the most amazing support team of my family, my extended family,

 and friends along with friends of each of them~

 and I had God's Blessing

 and Hand ~ 

So today as I know I am a survivor I live knowing God hears and provides 

And I get to watch grand children grow and daughters excel and hope I

 can convey to all of that support team as well as new people in my life 

that my heart says thank you and I love you all .

Never take a second for

 granted, enjoy each and every one of them... 

And always say thank you

Thank you  for stopping  by, I hope the  tea  was  as you like it,  and enjoyed  the sunshine as you   were able to visit... 

Til  next  time I leave you with, smiles and  happiness,   Have a Great Day...  

Saturday, July 27, 2013


        Trying to plan or schedule  a  time  to get  all of the grand kids together to go some where or  do something~ is  not  an easy task  ... How ever, last weekend  it  just  happened  that  all of them were  here  , in and out, but here.  Brooke wanted to paint on tiles , she  had an idea  to make some thing for her dads  birthday. They  were 4 x 4  ceramic  tiles, you can find them a  Lowes, Home Depot  or Menards.
         Dustin decided he wanted to  paint to,  so Brooke helped him  draw  his design and  away he went.  Then Ali  decided  she wanted to  draw some thing and paint it to. Brooke  designed a couple more  so  it was a  kitchen table  that was   busy  busy  busy .

                                     This is the  set of  four  that Brooke  painted for her DAD

This is Dustin's 

This is Ali's, it is a Browning emblem  with her own  version of camo  added for the background 

 And these are  two more Brooke  painted  one  from Monsters Ink  and the other  is something for  the company that is known as  31 Products,  since her mom sells that product .  
All of these were  drawn  free hand  
They used  acrylic  paints  and after they were dried   they were sprayed with a clear  acrylic sealer.
The  tiles I had  here, I had  purchased them  last winter  for the kids to make  Christmas  gifts with .
And  Brooke and I have a pretty nice selection of paint, as we  paint out side pavers as well as  other  things .
I love it when  my grand  kids  have their own ideas  and  just  make it happen.

Thanks  for stopping by,  I hope  these made  you smile,  I know  they made me smile... But then any time I  spend with  my grand kids  makes me smile  
: ) 

Stop  back real  soon,  maybe  there will be  some  cards, 
 you  never know  ...   lol

Til then, SMILE, and  enjoy  your  blessing,  I just  did... 

Monday, July 8, 2013


Good Morning...Happy Monday
So did you all enjoy  your  days over the  holiday?  I sure did...I was with  both daughters  and  my grand kids,  plus  a  friend or two~  what could be better???
 Well having a  birthday  the day after a holiday  sure helps...

My friend Sue  asked if I wanted to go  get a pedicure  for my birthday,  and it was a perfect idea. She was away over  her birthday in June, so I had not  decided on a gift for her we  both got pretty toes...and to make it better  my oldest daughter  went too
I decided to get fancy   : )  

Then we came  back to my  house to make cards.Sue had  taken a class using  Basic Gray  supplies  
(  one of my favs )  so she  brought those  up  and we were going to use the left overs...
I never  got that far , as she was still working on hers    lol  

But  my grand daughter Brooke ( age 14 )  started coloring  images,   and  she was really enjoying herself  , so  that made me happy  
She went into my craft room and  I suggested  she  pick  out some pretty designer paper  and color an image  to  go with it... and then go look for embellishments to add... She loves  that grandma's room has so much  that  matches... 

So,  here is  her  card...
Isn't her  just  full of  happiness ? 
She found a  butterfly  that had been cut on white embossed paper  and decided to use chalks to  change the color...then chalked the corers to add color   
She added some  bling , at 14  life must have bling  lol 
 and sheer  ribbon  to  add some  texture or  "  fancy it up "   as  she said 
Then  I asked what she was going to put on the envelope,  she was  happy to find a butterfly stamp  ...
Oh  yes  grandma   has  one of everything  !

I am so blessed  to have these  grand children in my daily  life 
and  that each of them  not only  love me ,
 but in their own special way  show me  continually 
Thank you GOD    
then to end  my day  
 God painted me a picture of  one of  my favorite things... a beautiful sunset...

So even tho  today is dreary   and full  of rain...
I can  look  at these pictures  and SMILE   ~   just  like the sun is shining...

Thanks  for  stopping  by,  hope you enjoyed  your visit  and  found the iced  tea  I left out for  you ...

Maybe next time we can  sit and  visit a while

Have a  wonderful week,  full of  happiness and sun shine   even if you have to make  your own
Remember  to  see the BLESSINGS...they are  there I promise you  !

as my  precious  little Faith says  " Bu Bye Now "  with  her  bag on her arm  and off she  goes

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


                                                    HAPPY    WEDNESDAY  
                                             IT IS  TOO  FUNNY  NOT  TO SHARE  ~  





Monday, July 1, 2013




 I  used  turquoise  with  a touch of  black to set it up ... I love  using  Upsy  Daisy...
  I kept it simple  with a  touch of bling. The recipient  likes  cards  that are  not too busy, or so busy that   you have to look  for the  key element ~  no problem  with  that   lol
  I  love love love  my butterfly  die and embossing set from Sizzix... it is always perfect  to add  that  extra  needed  touch !

Second card  is  a  TPT   challenge  card,  from  SCS.   I have  not played  with the TPT ladies quite some  time...  This  card  needed  to  have  flowers  for a sweet  lady  doing some recovery from  surgery ..
I decided  to  reach way  beyond  my comfort zone in colors,  I have gotten  very  predictable  with  staing  basic  and  just one or  two  colors... getting a bit boring, so I   just  did what ever  jumped at me   : )   
Whoa... this  really  
I used a  stamp I love,  it has a sentiment of thinking of you , and I  put that inside with a hand written message too .  I  used SU  water color  paper, stamped the image with brown  Memento  ink  and colored with  SU  colored  pencils and a few stray ones too,  then I  finished  that with a blender pen...   I rounded  the  top corners  and  added  some  ribbon tape and  bling ...  Sure is  bright and cheery...  . 

And # 3  is another  TPT  card...If we  have a  fifth  Tuesday  in the month  then we play  tickle a tea potter...    The names are drawn randomly.  but we  send  some  love  to another  tea pot  lady ...  
Again I chose  bright colors  and a summer theme...  This card was designed  by a Secret Sis on SCS  a few years  back,  sorry I do not have her name  ~   but she sent  me extra   images  already  made so beautifully  to  create  more  fun cards... 
 Such kindness  exists in all of SCS  site...I love  to  be a part of these ladies , I learn so much from them !

This card  has  a lot pf sparkle going on,  perfect to  add  some  sparkle  to our  summer... and some colorful bling too. The colors  of the bling are not showing very well  but the they are   hot pink and  bright orange  
 I hope  this card  brings  back a child hood memory  that  brings a smile or a tickle  to  the recipient !~!

I  see there is a white frame  around each card,  it is  not a white  card base...not sure why  it is showing that way   ,   I just wanted   to clarify  that  : )  

So  I hope you all had a  great  day to start July  off.  I  enjoyed  playing,  and I am working  on a  red white and  blue  card    for a challenge. I am not quite  there,  I hit a  snag, so I hope to have it  ready yo  post  by Wednesday   so I can  come  back to wish you all a  Happy 4 th of July...
Til then,  I leave  you with smile,  and I hope you enjoyed  your  visit~ I sure did... 
 Today was a  beautiful day to sit and  visit with a  friend, thanks for  stopping by ...

Bye Bye  now ...  


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

JUNE almost got past me ... whew !

Well  summer is here  and  wow  flying by

So I will just get to it ~  I have 3 cards to share today   ...

#1  is a  card to  carry a picture  to a  friend.  I love this image, I think it is my last copy of it too.
 I will miss  sending these .  I decided to not add a  sentiment,   tho I almost  put COOL   RIDE... or Snoop Dog's Delivery
 Purple seems to be  the color of choice these days,  even in  men  ...
I added  some sparkle to the  chrome  by using silver Stickles , and a white gel pen on the flames and Snoopy , that gave it some dimension.
And some  hand doodling  on the edges.with  basic  layers .
 I need to make this card large enough to hold a  4 x 6  picture  so it is  41/2  x  6 1/2

  and  here ya  go

#2.  is  a birthday card for my oldest  brother... I thought a  napping bear   was  appropriate : )
I stayed with traditional colors  for the sunflowers  and  a bright pattern  paper  to  set the image  up.
I colored with colored pencils and used a blender pen...Oh I added  BIG BROTHER BEAR across the  top   in my  hand writing

# 3.  is another birthday card, for my  special friend  Lisa.  She too loves  purple...
  I used a  SU dp  that I love,  mounted it on white card  base   then I  added  some  bling and a  flower
 and a  butterfly...    I  filled the card with  puppy kisses  from Miss Daisy  and  hugs  from me ...We sure miss  her a lot ...
  Hope she likes it !

 So  I am now  making a list  of what cards I need  real soon
 I know I need a birthday card for a dear friend  and  anniversary cards  for  both of my brothers ~ all before    next week  ~   busy  busy

I hope you are enjoying  your summer,  there  is some beautiful sunshine in mine  and a lot of ball  games  along with  watching  my  youngest grand daughter  grow up way to fast...But  she is so much  fun ...
Maybe I will  do an update of pictures, or  should I just  get that  family  blog  up and running?????

As always, thanks for stopping by,  hope you enjoyed  your iced tea   and  my kitties.  I know  they were  glad   to have company   too  : )

Take care,  Smile  and  share  your happiness , there is some one out there  that  can use it  !
bye now ...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Oh  here I am a few days  late, geesh ~ that seems to me  my new style.
.May I say, I am not happy  with this  new pattern in my

Here is one more  Mothers Day card...I ordered this pack of paper  , it is from SU  clearance of course...  But I did  get it with  the thought of using this particular  piece  on a card for my youngest daughter. Her love for purple lives on  : )
basic, yep,  what do you expect when you wait  until the last minute to make these cards...  another pattern I am not happy with  lol
 I did use a white gel pen to add  slashes on the purple layer of the butterfly  to add definition...   and a purple  rhinestone in the center of the butter fly...yep after  thoughts   lol
I did write a personal message  to her, as  both of my girls  are awesome mommies...    So I try to  be sure  I tell them that  as often as I can...
The card for my oldest daughter  was  simple too. I even used an imaged colored  by a special friend , just for me... I rarely do this, but it  was  a great choice to share with  her... Unfortunately, I failed to scan it in !...

Thanks for stopping by,  I am out side  in this beautiful  day, so  I have  fresh tea  brewed, come and sit  with me please...
Have a wonderful day, full of life's blessings .

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And May is zipping right along....

      Hello,  how are all of you???  We are finally getting to enjoy some  nice  spring like weather...  Yippee
 In our  group that loves to create,  and share,  this  month  the theme was awesome.  Tea pots and  vintage... perfect together.
I only  have one card  made so far, it was the big challenge tho,  we were  instructed  to use ONLY  supplies we  received.
 We could  add a card  base, but no other paper or embellishments or stamps... I did a 4 1/4  x 4 1/4  square card

Then  I changed it  up  a  bit  to use it  for   a special  young  lady.I took off the  oval and added another oval that said with  love on Mothers;s  Day~ O know I scanned it in,  but  nope, I cannot find   
 She  just had her first  baby  on Thursday
She  has called  me GRANDMA for 25  years,  no blood, just lots of love . So  I am happy and proud to say, I am a great grandma  now~  I must say, that gets  some  looks  as  most  of  my friends  know  my  oldest grand daughter    is  15, and one    by  my daughters  in  blood...  

Okay, while I had  the left overs out on the table, I decided to make a  thank you card  for a sweet  sweet  dear friend.  She is always  there  with  kind words and prayers.
I  made a  card on a base...Again a square  card, I just like  to  use square cards when I can...  
And my last  card  for today  was actually designed  by one of my daughters...We made these a while  back in one of her classes...    I decided it was perfect  to send   to the mom  of  Kayle ~ my special grand daughter ~  as this is  her first year  as a  grandma  on Mothers Day...  so playing dress up seemed to fit  nicely

Ok  now I still have 2 more Mother's Day cards to make,  but I wanted to  share  these  for now. Then I will be  working on  a graduation card  for my second oldest grand daughter ~ she  will be leaving  8 th grade   and  entering  High School  wow  wow  
So  be sure  to check  back  in a week or so,  to see what I come up with...She is  such a breath of fresh  air,  full of love   and  good stuff, I cannot even  attempt to think of what I may do for her...   

Til then,  enjoy  this spring weather,  and I will try to get my chair on the front porch  so you all can come sit   with me  and visit... 
Bye  Bye  now ...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gift of Love

   Have you ever  had some one  in your life  that is always there  for you  ?  Some  one that cares  about  you and your family  in  every way...And  in all they do  for  you , you feel like  you can  never come close  to  giving back to them....
     Well I do,  she is a special  lady, I have not known her  a really long time... maybe  five years  or so. But she is always  helpful, comes with a smile  and a  hug   and always  does  her best, what ever that may be  .
Finally, she called  with a request...I was  so  happy, then of course reality hit.  Hmmm...... I do not want to mess these  up
    Amy  is  "Pastor  Amy "  or "Miss Amy "  to my grand kids...  but to me  she is a true blessing...  She is  preparing to go on the EMMAUS  walk ..She will be with  about 50 women, in a retreat envionment
She is  giving each of them a gift,  and asked  me to make  book marks  to go along with  it...  She  gave me the scripture and other words , and said  just what ever  you think  .
    Thank goodness I had  help  with  the formatting  on the computer,  lol   .My oldest grand daughter was  here  and was  so  helpful... So it was a  labor of  love with  her  helping  me
  and  I  I enjoyed  being  able to  do some thing for my sweet friend...I hope she likes  them  

As always,  thanks  for stopping  by...  the weather is finally getting  nice, so  come  back  when you can  sit and  visit  next time...   Til  then....  I hope you are enjoying  your days...  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


       Hi there , so  what are you all doing  to welcome spring ?   If  you are in  the  midwest, or a little more west  or  south  or  east  or  north   lol ...
 Well I bet you are  hoping this white stuff melts  quickly  and  stays  away  for  about 8 or 9 months...
  I love is so pretty  A true  piece of God's art...
     But I am told Spring is here, I wonder if the EASTER BUNNY  will be hiding  eggs in the snow   lol

    I  am blessed with so many special people in my  life, some  friends, some special  friends and some  just great  people in business. As I have been remembered  by a few  this  month,  I wanted to see if I could  get some  creative  juices  flowing   to say thank you ...

    The first card is  with an  image  from a  super  guy,   yep  he is one of those great  friends..  This image was perfect  to use  for a sweet  lady,  that does my taxes.   I thought it was cute to represent  her  this time of  year...   BUSY  BUSY
I   just  used  some colorful dp, basic  matting  and  a bit of coloring  with pencils...

   Now # 2  was  for  a gentleman  I know  from  the banking business, so I wanted to be a bit more professional...  not sure red  is professional,  but I liked it   : )

This  is cased  from a similar card  my niece  made me a few years ago...  Some ideas are  just too good  not  to  use ...  : )

And #3  is  Springy...  I did  this at a class,  and  have been holding on to it  for  just the right time and person... So  my  special friend  that is always with  me  in  heart, spirit  and prayer every day   will be receiving this in just a few days...Sometimes  these two little words are  just not enough...

I love the colors, and  the  extra detail was so much fun...using a piece of acetate was  cool,    just one of those cards I  felt good about...  I used background stamping,  a blender pen to color the water , some  patterned dp, ticket corner punch, and fun  paper clips  ...added bling  and ribbon

     Thanks  for stopping  in.  I hope  you get to enjoy some amazing spring like weather real soon...
As always, SMILE and share some  kindness today...

See you soon...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time for a SHOWER

  Hello,  how are  you doing today ?  I am trying to find some sun shine  on this  nasty day .
 It  is  so   rainy  and dreary  !    I guess the good of it  is  at least  the temperature was near 50, but it still felt so chilly .

   My daughters and I are  going to a WEDDING SHOWER  tomorrow. The bride to be is  a beautiful  young lady,  and so full of  happiness and joy,   it just  bubbles  out of  her..
 My daughter Krista is  doing the cake , so I offered to make the card  . ~OH SILLY ME ~   lol
I will post a picture of the cake  as soon as I have one...
    Keep in mind  I am just  not  much in the creative  mode,  every time I think I am, whew, it flies out the window again .  I wanted to try  for something  frilly, and  pretty..    hmmm       that did not happen at all . But I did come up with something a bit  more simple,  maybe  more modern, or  non traditional .

     Her colors  are pale yellow and  a form of purple, so I went with the yellow.~ barely banana  to be  exact
  I used an  old set  called CELEBRATION  and added  a touch of  a embossed  partial layer , trimmed in ribbon ;  then  just simple mounting, rounded corners,  a  touch of bling to  give  the flowers  dimension  and
a white  opague gel pen  for the rain drops
  and   here  you have it . : )
Simple as always,  I did not have stamps appropriate  for a shower, but I thought these words were  very appropriate to start a marriage

Thanks for stopping  by,  glad I had the  hot water ready for tea... and  the banana bread  sliced and ready to serve : )

Til next time, smile  and  enjoy  each day

Ok as I  promised,  here is the picture of the  cake...  I think it is so pretty,  but the best part tastes  as good as it looks   : )

So  thanks again  for stopping by...
I hear  warmer  temps are on the way... hope we can  enjoy some  time on the  front porch soon   : )
Have a  great week ...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Winds

Hello. how are all of  you? Well February was  rough here, weather and  other forces... Sorry I did not get back...It seemed I was  blocked out of my blog  due to  email account issues, can you believe it???
I may need  to  make some changes,  but if I do  please know I will  definitely  let  you all know

I am considering a new blog with pictures  of  just daily  life,  I know my life is  busy enough to keep that one  updated   lol  : )    And  maybe try a different  attitude at the  crafting one ...

Today  is only  share pictures  day  ...We are in March   with  more snow   falling.  I for one am really hoping to see signs of SPRING soon .. you know, sun shine, pretty flowers  all in colorful bloom   Children playing outside , watching my critters  run and play   and  oh and the fields getting planted, one cannot leave that out when she lives in the midst of farm land

So  here are some pictures  from yesterday  in our latest  winter  mix    creating  another winter storm

 The first two are  early morning  hours  of the  misty  heavy  wet  mix if rain, ice and snow

And the next two  are about  mid day, still heavy in the air  and  vision ability still not  much

   And the  last two are so clear  in late afternoon as the storm has moved on , leaving us with the beauty of fresh fallen snow, all white and    peaceful 
So, this is  just a look at  winter in the midwest,  yes even in March
I remember  at least one EASTER EGG HUNT in the snow  : )

But I really wonder if this day of this storm if it was not a lesson...Wait  and be patient,
 it will become  clear : )

I need to play with some St Patty's Day  pieces,  tho I do not think I know  any one  that is  Irish...hmmm

So  I will TRY  to  come share if I get creative...

As always  thanks for stopping  by...
I know it is too cold and windy to sit on my come on in,
 we can have  coffee, tea  or  hot cocoa...
 Today  banana bread is on the menu  too  : )
 Well if I go get  busy it will be

Stay warm, stay  safe
Smile  and  be kind to someone today


Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ok  I did  get  just a couple of super simple  cards made...
  It bugged  me  that  I did not show case any  in RED  lol

This was made  for one of  my grand daughters... 

I used a white card  base,  attached  a piece of  red striped  vellum ~
 I  cut it wider that the card, folded over 1/2 inch and adhered  to the back
 then I  used mono   under where my  my  sentiment  was  to  keep the  vellum in place ..
  I added  some red velvet ribbon,  that  came from a  friend... as well as the  little  LOVE image .
I used  a couple of punches  to add some  dimension .
I hear  my grand daughter  really liked it  ~   As  her  mom said  she " disected"  it ..
.and thought it was cool 

So  hey  it is a card
 WOO HOO  for  me  
My craft room is messy,  yippee ~
 my  oldest daughter  made a couple cards  today too...
I now remember why I do not us  red craft  ink   I have  "inky fingers "    : )  

Thanks  for stopping by...  Come  back soon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello,  Brrrrr.
It is still  cold  here,  how about where you all are ?

I am sad to say I  still  do not have  a lot  of  creative  inspiration  going on...
I do have stamps  pulled,  paper  pulled  but,  still at a  road  block ....

But this  being the month  of  that all famous  day  of  LOVE   how could I not post...
My life is  lived  through my heart,  and  with  love...

Actually,   I renamed  VALENTINES DAY  in our family and extended  family   : )
 I know  how can I do that   lol     Well those that  know me, will be smiling 

We  call it   HAPPY HEART DAY   and my  perception of the day  is to tell   EVERY   single person you love,  how  much you love them, and why  ...  Love is  too special   to  only be available  for  one day a year, or  just  for couples in love..
 Love is  to share happiness, joy,  kindness, and  happy spirits,  and  just any thing  your  heart  feels...

So to all of you  that  follow my blog, support me in life  and are related to me...

I love you all  far more than my words can  ever express .  I hope I show you  daily,  not  just on this Day

Here are a few of my  cards  from the past...  pick which one  you like best  and open  it up,  there  you will find  special love from  me ..
the first was made for my brother ,,,The second  for a friend who loves  Vintage and  Victorian...The third
was  just a non traditional color   challenge and the last  was a neutral  tone  challenge
 I find it odd I did not showcase any in  RED...the color of LOVE....

So  I hope you all can smile, and enjoy  your day on Thursday  and  tell some one  you love them...
I will be thinking of each of  you and  sending  my love  ...

Happy Heart Day