Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello Again

Brrr...  It is still cold, as a matter of face  we have  freezing rain, sleet  creating ICE...then  several inches of fresh  snow falling today...Add those nasty winds  and  yep  another  NASTY  winter day in the midwest

So here I am,  playing in  my  craft room   : )

I  am using  a few  things  from our monthly challenge...  The first  card is  on whisper white  card stock by SU...with a sheet of dp from Michaels ~ I thought it looked springy  and it matched  the flowers  I found there too .
I used the SU circle punch and their scallop circle  punch to   host the  sentiment  ~  This card  is because I missed a birthday  for a sweet  sweet  lady...  my beautician.    On the inside , it will say  Sorry I  missed your  special day...Many special wishes  today and every day of this upcoming year ...
 And the second one is using  just a small strip of that same  dp   and  the card base  and matting  are in Calypso Coral by SU.   I rounded  3 corners on the sentiment  which is a  clear stamp by  Fiscars.  I  rounded  2 corners of the card base  to follow that flow  .I  used SU circle punch again  with the scallop punch   and  used white  gel pen  to add dots to help  make that scallop  circle   show up better...  I decided  to keep this  clean and simple...This  is an encouragement card  for  some one  just going through  a rough time...  the inside sentiment  is  " I thought a cupcake might help "
And  again  the scan is  just not quite  right.. Calypso Coral  is such a  soft pretty shade   not too   bright
But I am not complaining, at least  I  got these  scanned in and  transferred...Woo Hoo

So  2  for 2 attempts today...  and I thought spring like thought   even tho  it is still all white and wintery  here.

                                           As always,  thanks  for  stopping by the PORCH...
                                             I am still serving  hot beverages  of your
                                                        Hope to see you again soon...
                                                                 Bye Bye  for  now

                                                                        ~   Sonja  ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Well hello...I cannot say I am overly happy  tonight...  For some reason  Blogger decided  to not  let  me  in  my blog  under the  account  to to be able to post from...Only the  other account  to view  from,
 So  I will not tell upi how long I have been  fighting  ...AARRGGHHH
                                                        Deep Breath   and SMILE

                                       So  how are you all?? Happy and Smiling I hope

 My family  renamed Valentines Day  HAPPY HEART DAY...we tell everyone we love  that w love them and why                                          Quirky  I  know...   lol

So  here are my Valentines that I made my daughters  and grandkids...You all know  I love  them  right  : )

So there is one picture  with all of them~  why?? you may ask   ~    oh  because  my desktop  is not playing nice either    lol     So  I did scan them in, to show individually, but I am just too tired  now   to risk it ~
I will do another post maybe  to show them closer  if any of you want me too..
.And there is ONE card I  did take a picture of  alone  ~ it is for  my youngest grand daughter...
         She is only 2 1/2   and  has no clue about  valentines, so I made hers  special~  just for her

                                                 Those of you that know me will understand

I hope you all are warm, safe  and  creating  like crazy...  I will be  making my rounds  to check on all of you
And I have several things on my table~  I am working on a monthly challenge  right  now  so I will share them soon

Til then  drink lots of hot tea : )    warm Ovaltine   or  what ever warms  you  up    lol
And  Smile...  share that smile  with someone  , make them  feel special ...

             As always...Thanks for stopping  by the Porch...  Step inside   tho,   Brrr