Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gift of Love

   Have you ever  had some one  in your life  that is always there  for you  ?  Some  one that cares  about  you and your family  in  every way...And  in all they do  for  you , you feel like  you can  never come close  to  giving back to them....
     Well I do,  she is a special  lady, I have not known her  a really long time... maybe  five years  or so. But she is always  helpful, comes with a smile  and a  hug   and always  does  her best, what ever that may be  .
Finally, she called  with a request...I was  so  happy, then of course reality hit.  Hmmm...... I do not want to mess these  up
    Amy  is  "Pastor  Amy "  or "Miss Amy "  to my grand kids...  but to me  she is a true blessing...  She is  preparing to go on the EMMAUS  walk ..She will be with  about 50 women, in a retreat envionment
She is  giving each of them a gift,  and asked  me to make  book marks  to go along with  it...  She  gave me the scripture and other words , and said  just what ever  you think  .
    Thank goodness I had  help  with  the formatting  on the computer,  lol   .My oldest grand daughter was  here  and was  so  helpful... So it was a  labor of  love with  her  helping  me
  and  I  I enjoyed  being  able to  do some thing for my sweet friend...I hope she likes  them  

As always,  thanks  for stopping  by...  the weather is finally getting  nice, so  come  back  when you can  sit and  visit  next time...   Til  then....  I hope you are enjoying  your days...