Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well time has come to say good bye to this year.It has been a busy one, some sadness, but blessings to follow in most of it...My year set a pattern for a need of thank you cards, though I do not think I ever created enough.

I designed this card in hope of re creating it in different colors and styles, so far this is the only one I have completed... At this time of year there are 2 words that should be said so often, but it seems they get looked over  most of the time these days... I think I will try to make more thank you cards to have on hand, just for all of those little things people do . No matter how small, they still deserve a THANK YOU ...

So to all of you that have been so kind to me this year , this card is for you
: )

I used SU basic gray, with the swirl embossing folder, a scrap of brushed silver by SU once again, and a bow off of a package..yep, I do not throw any thing away
The stamp is from a SU set named Tagtastic, and I used the scallop punch I just bought from a friend...I love it too... I used Versa Magic Dazzle, then silver Encore ink, and then I heat embossed it with clear embossing powder. And I must say,I think it stepped up the clarity and the shininess.
I added detail, using the same ink and embossing powder inside the card as well as the envelope...

So here is my last post for the year... If you have not read my post from yesterday, please do now... That is my wish for all of you as we bring in the New Year.
Thank you for looking at my blog, and I hope you have seen some thing that you have enjoyed, or maybe even inspired you . And I hope you all come back to see what I can come up with this year... My chair is always waiting for you to come sit and visit ...

So take care, Stay healthy and happy, and enjoy all of your blessings every day ,

Soni B

Friday, December 30, 2011

So the New Year is approaching

Hello, how is everyone ?? Are you tired from all you have been doing? Or are you still busy trying to get more done? If so please take just a minute to sit with me, and maybe understand my thoughts .

Are you ready to bring in the New Year?? What does that really mean ???

I am not one to make resolutions. It seems I always think I can do more than I actually can. So I have tried to just think of a few smaller things that are reachable...I have plenty in my life that could use some big help. but I have learned baby steps work better for me : )

So this year I want to try to not be so quick to be judge mental, and along with that I want to try each day to live in a better way, by sharing smiles, and love in any way I can, but most of all I want to try to not let anger in. And my biggie is an ongoing struggle I have, to be able to forgive on a better level. These may sound easy, but not really .The last one will be a lot of work.

The main focus in my year is to ENJOY every day, ENJOY all I have , and not wait until tomorrow to do anything I can do today. We really have no guarantees about a tomorrow . This year has taught me a lot... Life happens, and we go on...We miss the ones we have lost, but we still have our life to live . Yes there is sadness, but there is also goodness , in our memories, and our future.

My family is the center of my world, they are my purpose to live each day. So I plan to love each of them, that part is easy. : )
I hope to be able to be there for my family, just as they have been their for me all of this year, and always in the past. My family is not only relation, but an extended group of friends as well. I am blessed with all that I call FAMILY...

My last area I want to do better at is my crafting and my blog... I really love to create, it does not matter if it is cards, scrap book pages, or gifts for others, I truly enjoy just playing with all of my wonderful TOYS... My crafting area is my HAPPY PLACE, and my computer is just a very favorite thing in my life ... So I want to get more organized, better structured and just basically more regular, especially in making and sharing... Learning new things and ways is right up at the top of my list... : )

So as we get ready to bring 2011 to an end, and look back at our year, I hope we all can smile, and know this NEW YEAR is waiting. It has a lot of POTENTIAL , and much HAPPINESS just sitting there .. It is up to us to REACH out, and make ALL we can of what is waiting for us..

I wish you all a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR with BLESSINGS every day.. I think the KEY to this is to be ourselves, LOVE one another and SEE the good around us , and to simply LIVE a GOOD LIFE... Remember to be HAPPY , and SMILE...

So whatever you want to accomplish in this new year, I wish all of you luck... I hope I get to join you as you reach towards your goals, and see any part of it that I can. Sharing is so much FUN .


Hugs to all of you ,
Love Sonja

My belief is GOD gives us so much, what we do with that is our gift back to HIM... So whatever your belief is, just keep on BELIEVING...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Christmas Time

Hi there, how are all of you ? Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you grab that rocking chair and plan to visit a while .
I have not been very good at creating this year, and this season is no different. However, I did get an ounce of "mojo" as they call it and a couple of ideas... So I am here to share them...

First is a remake of a card I designed last year, with a few changes....The card front is embossed with a Cuttle bug embossing folder, and I used Encore silver ink along with a punched snowflake. I cut the fron a little to see the border I put on the inside and I added white card stock inside to put the sentiment on .
And second is a card from our monthly challenge where we receive images and embellishments and create our own idea... I used Versa Mark all over the images and heat embossed with clear embossing powder and I layered cord on a ribbon, very clean lines, pretty simple, but I like the look. My Versa mark pad had a tint of ink and some speckles too, but I thought it looked pretty cool : )
Then the third card is another basic and simple card, made from leftover pieces from a kit I had to make Christmas cards with . I knew I had the sentiment stamp and the idea just fell into place... Again I was happy with it... I guess I should move on with my level of "acceptance " : ) and maybe then my cards would not be so basic, simple and
And fourth is my personal favorite . I am known as the SPARKLE LADY to some of my friends, I love sparkles... My daughter Krista was playing around with a new technique that she saw on SCS, and decided to use my Judikins black detailed embossing powder...Yes I know, this is not a very tradition color scheme for a winter card, but it is ever so pretty in real life... A simple snow flake embossing folder, Versa Mark , my Judikins, and a heat gun... And look what she made... I took the card front and turned it into this... Of course she did the bow, any of you that know me, know I just cannot do a bow, and here look what she did, with adding silver cord to black sheer ribbon...I have not added a sentiment, but I am thinking it could be a thank you, or a birthday or anniversary card with just a choice of sentiment...

Well not too bad for not being in the creative mood : )
I think once I took the "need" to make cards out of the picture, and just had fun it was so much easier.... With saying that, most of my friends will not be getting home made cards for CHRISTMAS : ( ...

I sure hope you enjoyed your visit, please come back soon. Maybe next time I will have some fun pictures.I have a very busy December, with birthdays so I might sneak a few pictures in...

I want to wish each of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a season of love and happiness , May your BLESSINGS be plentiful and shared .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And one final edition for Ali...

My daughter Krista made her daughter Ali and really cool card...We are all card makers, but some of us just did not get around to making ours : (

I love the added sparkle , STICKLES is such an amazing product !It took this simple layout and turned it into total FUN... Great job Krista...You can see more of her creations here ...

I love this card, Ali's theme was chosen after her colors and designs from her bedroom...Hot Pink, with black and white zebra print. I know when she showed me the bedding last year, I was like OH MY GOODNESS. But that is what she wanted, and she still loves it ! : )

So here is the card, and I hope you have enjoyed these updates.
I love to share my family with all of you....

Please stop in again real soon, I will try to get get something crafty up next .... As Always, thanks for visiting, and Blessing to each of you .

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ali's birthday...second edition

So here are a few of the pictures from Ali's day. She is just "ALI".
She is a fourteen year old that loves to have fun. She has her grandpas and her mommy's and daddy's sense of humor ,( tho I usually do not ) and loves to share it or display it...
Her Mom made her cake as always, the color is way off here, it is hot pink and black and white zebra print... totally ALI : ) Oh and the hat was a gift she choose on a shopping trip recently for her birthday... Don't you just love it ???? ~

She is full of love and gives her absolute best to everything she does. She is an active sports girl, with softball and volley ball and cheer leading being her favorites, but not the only sports she takes part in... She loves to sing and excels at that too..She loves to bake,and that girl can make fudge : ) , she enjoys reading, and of course painting fancy finger nails... Simply, she enjoys LIFE. And usually without the drama. She believes it is best to be happy and have fun.
She is loved by so many .
God made this ANGEL special, as he did all of my grand children...And I am so proud of each of them.
I say thank you daily for being able to enjoy them, along with their mommies and thank them for sharing my babies ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ali ...

Today my oldest grand daughter turned 14, geesh, where did those years go??? We decided to go out to breakfast as a family to celebrate. This girl is is a busy busy teenager, so trying to fit a party in this year just was not going to happen, lol
Her and I are going shopping for clothes as her gift from me, so I just bought a card last night at Hallmark...yes I know, SHAME on me... I felt so bad , that I came home and made a gift card for a small gift I gave her tonight as we had cake and ice cream...It was 3 1/2 x 6 inches, and made like a card on a base...I used Judikins detailed black embossing powder and heat embossed the sentiment , it has sparkle and a bit of color specks... Love that stuff : )
Her mom made her a really cool card, and she loved it, so that just added guilt to me... lol I had to make something... : )

We used her bedroom colors and design as a theme for her cake and paper supplies...HOT PINK and BLACK and WHITE ZEBRA print...
Here is her gift card,I will upload some pictures of her cake and card from her mom and her enjoying today and share with all of you soon...Thanks for stopping by, Have a great week...

Friday, December 2, 2011


Again I have not really created for Christmas this year, so I thought I would share some things from the past, I believe I made this two years ago for my youngest daughter, Krista .
We try to make at least one gift for some one..I made another one just like this for a very SPECIAL friend that loves purple too : )

And here is the name frame that Krista made for me the same year. And the last picture is not a very good picture, I apologize, but it is a word frame I made for my oldest daughter, Tammy. She loves snowmen, so I thought she would like this... But I ended up having to make her one just like her sisters...So that was three of those that I made that year : )
: ) Yes my girls are SPOILED, but I would not have it any other way : )
We were so lucky to find the same DP and what ever else we needed...

Those memories are part of what I treasure at Christmas time.
Being with FAMILY is the best gift of all...

I did make one or two new items recently, but they were for a fun exchange with a great group of ladies on Splitcoaststampers, and we have not opened our boxes of goodies yet. So as soon as we do our reveal, I will post those items for all of you top see ...

I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas Season, and thanks so much for stopping by...
I will be waiting for you to stop in again real soon.....

May your Christmas season be BLESSED and full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.... Hugs to all of you

OOPS the first picture ( the winter frame ) is supposed to be the last, and the last one ( Purple Merry Christmas ) is really the first one...geesh, why can I not get this to work right???? Sorry for the technical challenge on my part... * shaking my head...