Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi, let me introduce myself...

Hello, I am a stay at home wife, married to a great guy for 30 plus years...I have 2 grown and beautiful daughters,and between them,they have blessed me with 4 wonderful grand children. My days are spent playing with my Shih Tzu named Daisy , playing in my craft room that was name "Soni's Front Porch" by a dear friend.
It is an enclosed front porch that we have turned into a craft / computer room and now have added a tread mill, so it is a busy place.
I have wanted to be able to share pictures of my family and creative work for some time now, and my friends thought I should have a blog...So here I am.I hope to be able to say hello, share more about my family and my life and even show some of my creative ideas...
I hope to post a card or two soon and maybe some pictures so you can see who we all are...

Have a great day now, I am off to look for some sun shine...


  1. Hi Soni! Thanks for opening up your front porch. I look forward to visiting often.

  2. I remember my sister's front porch like that. She wouldn't let me smoke in the house so i'd head to her screened in porch. Pretty soon Mom would wander out and we'd sit in these old ratty comfortable beyond belief chairs and watch the people and talk. Wouldn't be long before sis wandered out behind us, giving me grief of course.

    Great blog Soni...can't wait to


  3. I'm looking forward to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Hugs,