Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome to June
I know summer does not officially start until later this month, but I am so ready .
Here is our latest project from our GIRLS NIGHT OUT. We painted this UNCLE SAM on a paver,( edging stone ) . Some of us choose the darker, more Americana tone, and some choose a more bright read and white.
This was a fairly easy item to paint, other than we had to "freehand" or "eye ball " (painting lingo ) everything, as the concrete did not allow us to trace the pattern on it at all.
And of course it was another fun night, filled with good stories, laughter, and yummy desert ! It is a great way to get away and relax.
Who knew a paint class could be so much FUN !


  1. Cute, Soni. And such a great job of the free-hand work.

  2. I wish there was a girls night craft club here in Gastonia, NC. You did great.