Sunday, October 9, 2011

And Here She Is

Wow, where did all of those days go to?? I have been enjoying watching everyone love my newest grand daughter, and watching her and her mommy , my oldest daughter, get acquainted and settled in. She is so precious, and makes some super cute faces, and some down right funny ones too.
Her big sister thinks she is great and her cousins all just love her...And then there is her Aunt Krista, well she is just totally over the moon about her and she has a few nick names already... like "sweetness" or "sugar love " but her Mommy prefers her to be called FAITH
Here are some pictures just to get that all across : )
I have enjoyed being the one to take these pictures, I have had my moments of holding her and loving her,and there are pictures to prove that : ) but just not on my camera .

Since I cannot figure out how to move the pictures, the first is Cousin Cody then Aunt Krista, then Cousin Dustin. Then Big Sister Brooke, Then cousin Ali then Faith and then Mommy and Faith

I will try to get more pics up soon , we have so many...
Welcome to our family Baby Faith...I am ready to love you and spoil you, grandma Soni


  1. Faith is the perfect name for this sweet bundle of joy. Isn't it amazing how one little baby can bring such a lot of smiles to the faces all around her. Thanks for sharing your family with us Soni.

  2. She is precious. Thanks for sharing pics of all the kids showering her with love.

  3. Congratulation!! Very cute baby and kids! Look at all those happy faces.

  4. OMGosh! She is beautiful. There is so much love around her. What a wonderful family and beautiful pictures. Your daughter is just glowing! Thanks for sharing! Hugs to all. Curt

  5. Can ya tell we all love her a bit? LOL She is too precious for words!