Monday, July 8, 2013


Good Morning...Happy Monday
So did you all enjoy  your  days over the  holiday?  I sure did...I was with  both daughters  and  my grand kids,  plus  a  friend or two~  what could be better???
 Well having a  birthday  the day after a holiday  sure helps...

My friend Sue  asked if I wanted to go  get a pedicure  for my birthday,  and it was a perfect idea. She was away over  her birthday in June, so I had not  decided on a gift for her we  both got pretty toes...and to make it better  my oldest daughter  went too
I decided to get fancy   : )  

Then we came  back to my  house to make cards.Sue had  taken a class using  Basic Gray  supplies  
(  one of my favs )  so she  brought those  up  and we were going to use the left overs...
I never  got that far , as she was still working on hers    lol  

But  my grand daughter Brooke ( age 14 )  started coloring  images,   and  she was really enjoying herself  , so  that made me happy  
She went into my craft room and  I suggested  she  pick  out some pretty designer paper  and color an image  to  go with it... and then go look for embellishments to add... She loves  that grandma's room has so much  that  matches... 

So,  here is  her  card...
Isn't her  just  full of  happiness ? 
She found a  butterfly  that had been cut on white embossed paper  and decided to use chalks to  change the color...then chalked the corers to add color   
She added some  bling , at 14  life must have bling  lol 
 and sheer  ribbon  to  add some  texture or  "  fancy it up "   as  she said 
Then  I asked what she was going to put on the envelope,  she was  happy to find a butterfly stamp  ...
Oh  yes  grandma   has  one of everything  !

I am so blessed  to have these  grand children in my daily  life 
and  that each of them  not only  love me ,
 but in their own special way  show me  continually 
Thank you GOD    
then to end  my day  
 God painted me a picture of  one of  my favorite things... a beautiful sunset...

So even tho  today is dreary   and full  of rain...
I can  look  at these pictures  and SMILE   ~   just  like the sun is shining...

Thanks  for  stopping  by,  hope you enjoyed  your visit  and  found the iced  tea  I left out for  you ...

Maybe next time we can  sit and  visit a while

Have a  wonderful week,  full of  happiness and sun shine   even if you have to make  your own
Remember  to  see the BLESSINGS...they are  there I promise you  !

as my  precious  little Faith says  " Bu Bye Now "  with  her  bag on her arm  and off she  goes


  1. What a very lovely post Soni. Your toes look fabulous! I need my ladies to do my toes like that next time with those rub ons. Your grands are just the sweetest. So glad that you have them in your life. Brooke's card is very adorable!

    1. Thanks Maggie...this design was done by hand...I was quite impressed...
      yes I kind of like my grands
      and I thought Brooke did a fantastic job sine I know she has not made any cards in a very long time !...

      thanks for always stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it so much !

  2. Brooke takes after her Grandma and her Mom.. and her Aunt. Great card! Thanks for sharing your Birthday happy with the rest of us.
    Hugs & Blessings! ~Kel

  3. Soni, I love the toes photo! I am sorry I missed your birthday, but glad you had a good one! :)

    1. I love my toes too : ) I rarely treat myself to was fun to give a fiend a pedi and to receive one in return...

  4. love sock monkeys since forever. she is truly a chip off the old block. we can see her talent already developing. have a great day

    1. thanks she is an amazing 14 year old ... I am so blessed

  5. Hi! Beautiful post! She made a wonderful card!! It is so nice that she enjoys crafting. Very special time together:-) I enjoyed seeing the photos. What a great blessing to have the grandchildren around:-) I also enjoyed all of your cards on the previous post --- all are beautiful. Take care.

    1. Thank you Brenda for your continuous support... Both daughters and the four oldest grands are all creative... I am so blessed...

  6. What a great day! A pedi, cards and family!! Love your toes. by hand, really! WOW!!

    1. it was a fun experience and a great day thanks Vikki Jo

  7. Stopping by to say hello and Happy Saturday!

  8. It sounds like you all had a great day!

    1. It was a great day surrounded by my family and dear friend

  9. just stopping by to say hi. I think you said you work the late shift. in that case I will wish you great sleep when you get the chance. Im sure it would come in handy as you had to turn your life upside down to do it .

    1. Ah, I do not work any more... but yes my my days are upside down most of the thank you for stopping by