Sunday, March 21, 2010

My daughters, Tammy and Krista and their daughters Ali and Brooke and I went to Chicago on Saturday. we were celebrating Brooke's birthday a little early.
We had such a wonderful day, full of happiness and laughter.The train ride up was good, even tho we had to be up quite early, the girls were really on their best behavior. and the train ride home was fun...we met a little toddler that was so cute.
Our time at the store was enjoyable, the girls took their dolls to have their hair done and shopped for a new doll and lots of clothes for them.I even shopped for my MOLLY doll, so now she has some jammies and a cute play outfit .This was my third trip up there , and each has been a truly special experience, I am hoping we can do this as many more times as the girls want to...


  1. So glad ya'll had such a great time. These will be wonderful memories for all of you. Cherish them.

  2. Those girls just can't be that big! Oh my... I won't even know them when I get to come up there.
    Glad you guys had a good time.