Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My friend owns a fabulous gift shoope here in town. I get to help her there any time I want to...it is just like playing to me, I love being at her store... Any way, she wanted to host an event for Halloween, and call it WITCHES NIGHT OUT.So a few of us offered to help her, and the plans began... One of the ladies helping came up with the idea that we should all dress up in the Wizard of OZ costumes, and if you know me, I usually have my little dog with me.So guess which character I got to be?? Yep, Dorothy. So with help of my daughters, and husband, and the sewing expertise of my sister in law... I was transformed into Dorothy for the night.My daughter Krista, was Glenda, and my oldest grand daughter was a Flying Monkey...and she was fabulous, stealing ToTo and all... L O L

We had a fantastic time, along with many others. Everyone enjoyed themselves. There was a costume contest, BOO LIGHT specials, discounts, in store specials and refreshments of every kind... The cake was designed and made by my youngest daughter, Krista, and pumpkin bars by our scarecrow , punch and finger goodies were plentiful too along with a scary punch !

So here are some pictures of the night...hope you enjoy them...I know we all totally enjoyed our selves...


  1. What a fun evening! Lisa is so creative and she surrounds herself with other creative people. Great job on the cake KK! Yep, Ali made a great flying monkey. Shame daisy was a bit too big to play Toto hehe

  2. Great pictures and costumes. Looks like ya'll had a great time!