Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time to get busy scrapping, again

Well, Hello, I guess this is my first post of 2011, geesh ! I sure am sorry.
I do not like to make New Years Resolutions, instead I try to set goals that
I want and in reality, that I can reach. One of the goals this year is to
really get back into my scrap booking...I have 4 beautiful grand children, and many baskets of pictures, and a room full of paper, embellishments and everything I need...So what am I waiting for??

Todays pictures are of a 2 page lay out that I just worked needs the year added to the tag on the right hand page ( I sure hope I up load these in the right order...if not, BIG CATCH should be on the right !... You all know me and my computer abilities, or lack there of !

This is my grand daughter BROOKE back several years ago... Isn't this a fun photo shoot... I thought this basic grey dp and letters were just perfect in color...
and this fiber , well I really liked how it added a bit of fun to the page...

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you can stop in again soon, and that I can have more postings to give you all some thing to look at ... Til the next time, Have a great day !


  1. Super cute layout, Sonja. You should be proud of it.

  2. My but she's grown since then :-) Love all the circles and the way you pulled them from the background for your title. Nice job!

  3. First, your granddaughter Brooke is adorable! I love those photos! Your layout is wonderful. Looking through your blog tells me not only are you a very talented card maker, you scrapbook beautifully. I envy that talent. Even though I take literally hundreds of photos, I just can't get motivated to scrapbook. It's funny, I think it is because the scrapbook would basically be just for me, and cards I get to give to other people. . . LOL. Secondly, thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a wonderful comment. You touched my heart with your sweet words and the comment was very much appreciated. Finally, I've provided you a link below for the "Bow Easy" Here it is:

    There are now two. The original is $6.00. The new one makes even bigger bows and I see it is listed for $12.00. The smaller one is perfect for making bows on cards. It is really easy to use too. There are tons of videos to teach you how to use it. But it really is easy. Hope the link helps!

    One final thing I meant to say too is that I love the name of your blog. So creative and welcoming. Glad you stopped by so I could also visit you! I tried to become a follower, but it is not letting me. Blogger is acting up, so I'll try another time! Best, Curt