Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Front Porch

As some of you know, my stamp and scrap book room was named Soni's Front Porch by a very dear friend. We lived in an old house and had a closed in front porch, it was heated so I could use it year round. We later added our computer, and even my husbands treadmill ( against my liking lol ) and I loved my room.

I had recently bought new white cubes, and other organizational type tools. Then the move came into the picture... I am so blessed to have a full room to set up as my crafting area... I enjoy making cards and my passion is still scrap booking...I have my room set up so I can be working on both crafts... My youngest daughter packed and un packed my room, and my oldest is helping me with ideas...

But for now I thought I would share a picture of my new front porch...
I am currently deciding on a new name for my crafting area, and I will take some pictures of it soon to is a bit messy from playing ... : )
And please check out that door... It was a gift from our niece and sister in law, not only does it look great...but my Daisy Girl can lay and look out side... Yes she is spoiled : ) but even more, she is loved by many...

So til next time, enjoy each day and please stop back real soon...Come sit on my porch with me and enjoy my flowers : )


  1. Awww, Daisy looks so comfortable in her chair. :) Front porch looks good. can't wait to see the new craft room!


  2. What a very sweet picture of Daisy. Your front porch looks so inviting and it sure looks like Daisy Girl is settling in nicely. When you get a chance, can you send me your new address??? Hope you are doing well! Best, Curt