Friday, July 15, 2011

New Look for my crafting time

My passion in the form of a hobby is scrap booking,I love to scrap pics of my family and remember the good times, It is followed by a close second of card making, I enjoy creating an individual thought to send to a friend or family member to celebrate a special day or as a get well or just thinking of you card.

I have been very fortunate in the past several years to have a designated area for my crafting... It was an enclosed front porch...hence the name of my blog : )
It all started on the dining room table, just like many of you I am sure... Over time I have collected many tools, lots of cool things and the amount of "paper" well we won't go there I am easily "enabled "

I have recently moved to a new home, and again I am so blessed to have an actual room to create a happy place for me. I have been able to purchase a few new organizational items that I think are awesome and even splurged on some new desks... Oh and check out the valances, are they not simply perfect for a scrap booking or stamping theme... ???

I have always loved black, usually with red added to make a color combo, but turquoise is another choice that suits me ...
I love my new space, tho I have a few more ideas of moving a few things to make it a bit more user friendly... and 2 more items I want to add... Once I get an ink pad holder or system, that will free up my media center to become the new home of my punches : )
I also want to incorporate DAISIES... I am hoping to get some vinyl ones cut to put on my walls...

Here are a few pictures of my room, for those of you that know me,I think you will smile ... I thought I entered them in order of walking through my room, but I see that did not work sorry...
the location may be different, but I am hoping to continue enjoying time in my new Happy Place ...

Soni's Front Porch is place in my heart as well as a name of a room, and it will always be a part of me, as it was given to me by a special friend...Thank you my wonderful friend Sue : )

As always, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit... I hope to see you visit me again soon : )


  1. I am so glad that you are liking how your room is turning out! I really love it! :)

  2. Soni! I love your new space! So many work surfaces and work area. I envy the fact that you have your computer in the room also. I wish mine were in my room. It used to be before Shotsy had surgery on his back legs. I decided to move my computer down to my bedroom so he wouldn't be tempted to climb the stairs to be with me while he healed. I have an idea that I've seen on other blogs for your punches, and you have a perfect space for it. Lots of people store their punches in those "over the door" shoe holders that hold 10 or 12 pairs of shoes. They have a hanger top and plastic pockets all the way down. They make perfect punch holders, and you have a bar in that closet to hang it. Just an idea I thought I would pass along. Enjoy your new space, it is wonderful! Best, Curt

  3. Hey Kiddo! Just checking in on you. Hope you are well. . .Best, Curt

  4. Love your space Soni. Can't wait to see it. But I guess that new little granddaughter of mine is going to make me :-) Hugs!

  5. Oh wow! I am so envious of your crafting area. Although I do have an entire room that is all mine I don't have the organizational items to make it look like this. I am in awe!