Friday, May 4, 2012

Critters and Family

As I promised  , here are some pictures...
First...Meet Kasey Jo, my grand dog...She is such a good girl, loveable  and always enjoys  being a part...She visits me most every day, and loves "grandma bones" 

Second...And this  Buddy. He is my newest addition to my critter family. He was brought to me by a sweet lady  that is not even a cat lover, but wanted him to have a good home. I think he has settled in  just fine. His requirements are,  lots of loving, and food twice a day...or three or  four if he had  his  He  has  accepted  my girl  cats, and Daisy, tho  it was an adjustment, it sure did not take  very long...My youngest grand son  decided  he looked like a "BUDDY"  as that is what I call both of my grand sons most days  : )

Third... These are my  great great  nephew and niece... We were all excited  to have them and their mommy  join us for  our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. My  niece and her brothers  were  always with us when they were children, then as they grew up  their  children were too, so now we are on to the third generation... Isn't that wonderful ...

Fourth...Ah, here are my five awesome grand children... I am so blessed  to  be able  to  spend so much time with all of them. Of course this only happens  be cause I have two amazingly  wonderful daughters that  share their families and life with me... I thank them both  everyday...even when I forget to  tell them...
I love you both, more than life its self... Thank you for  all you are  and all you do  for and with me ...
That is said with LOVE that only a Mother  knows  : )

Fifth...Well yes, this is # 5 in my  grand children as well as in these pictures... This is my  beautiful, and happy   grand daughter... She may be the fifth , but she is  loved  just as much as all of the previous ones were and are ...    She brings  smiles and laughter and happiness to this entire family... She is at the top of my THANK YOU  list  every day...

 Yes Family  is what life is all about, and  spending time with FAMILY  is  LIFE...

Thanks for stopping by, I think May  might be a picture month, with  Mothers Day, 8 th grade  promotion  for my oldest grand daughter  and ball season  for  four  of  these awesome kids...  I imagine I will have plenty to share.
  I hope you stop back to see what we are all up to real soon...


  1. Love seeing you pictures of the critters and the grands. They are all so sweet and special, especially that little Faith. She's going to be so spoiled by all the love that she gets from everyone, but she's still a happy, smiling little sweetheart! I know she feels the love from everyone.

  2. Such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful family (human and furry!). :) Beautiful blessings for sure.

  4. Beautiful pics & you're truly blessed! Enjoy your time with your's so priceless! TFS!!!

  5. looks like Faith has atleast one of her baby teeth. she is just cute as a button, only better. Thanks for sharing pics of your family and furbabies. you have been very blessed.

    peace and blessings