Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello,  Brrrrr.
It is still  cold  here,  how about where you all are ?

I am sad to say I  still  do not have  a lot  of  creative  inspiration  going on...
I do have stamps  pulled,  paper  pulled  but,  still at a  road  block ....

But this  being the month  of  that all famous  day  of  LOVE   how could I not post...
My life is  lived  through my heart,  and  with  love...

Actually,   I renamed  VALENTINES DAY  in our family and extended  family   : )
 I know  how can I do that   lol     Well those that  know me, will be smiling 

We  call it   HAPPY HEART DAY   and my  perception of the day  is to tell   EVERY   single person you love,  how  much you love them, and why  ...  Love is  too special   to  only be available  for  one day a year, or  just  for couples in love..
 Love is  to share happiness, joy,  kindness, and  happy spirits,  and  just any thing  your  heart  feels...

So to all of you  that  follow my blog, support me in life  and are related to me...

I love you all  far more than my words can  ever express .  I hope I show you  daily,  not  just on this Day

Here are a few of my  cards  from the past...  pick which one  you like best  and open  it up,  there  you will find  special love from  me ..
the first was made for my brother ,,,The second  for a friend who loves  Vintage and  Victorian...The third
was  just a non traditional color   challenge and the last  was a neutral  tone  challenge
 I find it odd I did not showcase any in  RED...the color of LOVE....

So  I hope you all can smile, and enjoy  your day on Thursday  and  tell some one  you love them...
I will be thinking of each of  you and  sending  my love  ...

Happy Heart Day


  1. Hugs, my friend. You are such a special person filled with love. :) I'm so glad I can count you as my friend.

    1. How kind of you Shell...thanks for the hugs, seems I always need those
      Happy Heart Day to you and your family

  2. So sweet, Soni. You know you're always in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. Thank you for being my friend. Hope you will find that mojo again soon. I love that first card and the sentiment on it. Hugs. .

    1. actually that is computer generated, but Shell sent me that stamp too if you ever want images just ask Maggie...Thanks, it is great to know that you always are watching out for me...

  3. Soni, As always, a beautiful post!! You are such a special person and I so enjoy your messages & blog! I am sending you a hug from the desert:-) I hope you start to feel inspired to craft soon. Thinking of you!

  4. Happy Heart Day, Soni. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards and your love with us.

  5. Love to you too Soni! And Happy Heart day. Hugs, Curt