Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ok  I did  get  just a couple of super simple  cards made...
  It bugged  me  that  I did not show case any  in RED  lol

This was made  for one of  my grand daughters... 

I used a white card  base,  attached  a piece of  red striped  vellum ~
 I  cut it wider that the card, folded over 1/2 inch and adhered  to the back
 then I  used mono   under where my  my  sentiment  was  to  keep the  vellum in place ..
  I added  some red velvet ribbon,  that  came from a  friend... as well as the  little  LOVE image .
I used  a couple of punches  to add some  dimension .
I hear  my grand daughter  really liked it  ~   As  her  mom said  she " disected"  it ..
.and thought it was cool 

So  hey  it is a card
 WOO HOO  for  me  
My craft room is messy,  yippee ~
 my  oldest daughter  made a couple cards  today too...
I now remember why I do not us  red craft  ink   I have  "inky fingers "    : )  

Thanks  for stopping by...  Come  back soon


  1. I like that vellum. Very cute card.

    1. thanks so much it was fun for a change

  2. inky fingers are part of stamping and card making. enjoy them as you make your wonderful cards. I love it when you make cards.