Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Winds

Hello. how are all of  you? Well February was  rough here, weather and  other forces... Sorry I did not get back...It seemed I was  blocked out of my blog  due to  email account issues, can you believe it???
I may need  to  make some changes,  but if I do  please know I will  definitely  let  you all know

I am considering a new blog with pictures  of  just daily  life,  I know my life is  busy enough to keep that one  updated   lol  : )    And  maybe try a different  attitude at the  crafting one ...

Today  is only  share pictures  day  ...We are in March   with  more snow   falling.  I for one am really hoping to see signs of SPRING soon .. you know, sun shine, pretty flowers  all in colorful bloom   Children playing outside , watching my critters  run and play   and  oh and the fields getting planted, one cannot leave that out when she lives in the midst of farm land

So  here are some pictures  from yesterday  in our latest  winter  mix    creating  another winter storm

 The first two are  early morning  hours  of the  misty  heavy  wet  mix if rain, ice and snow

And the next two  are about  mid day, still heavy in the air  and  vision ability still not  much

   And the  last two are so clear  in late afternoon as the storm has moved on , leaving us with the beauty of fresh fallen snow, all white and    peaceful 
So, this is  just a look at  winter in the midwest,  yes even in March
I remember  at least one EASTER EGG HUNT in the snow  : )

But I really wonder if this day of this storm if it was not a lesson...Wait  and be patient,
 it will become  clear : )

I need to play with some St Patty's Day  pieces,  tho I do not think I know  any one  that is  Irish...hmmm

So  I will TRY  to  come share if I get creative...

As always  thanks for stopping  by...
I know it is too cold and windy to sit on my come on in,
 we can have  coffee, tea  or  hot cocoa...
 Today  banana bread is on the menu  too  : )
 Well if I go get  busy it will be

Stay warm, stay  safe
Smile  and  be kind to someone today



  1. Oh, how I'd love to have that snow. :) I hope you stay warm and that you enjoy your warm drink. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy the snow. Far too soon it will be HOT, HOT, HOT. :)

  2. Dare I say I miss seeing that much snow in my yard? hehe

    Just don't have it around when I get there. I don't want to travel in the white stuff... just sit somewhere and enjoy it's beauty.

  3. I wish we would have had that. WE got a dusting and a lot of rain, for which I'm grateful for (after last year) but do miss the white stuff, especially if it's got to be cold. LOL. And I like that message, "wait and it will become clear" in His time. ((hugs)) Thinking of you. Tam

  4. It does look so pretty when it is fresh on the ground. I must say I do not miss it after growing up in PA. I despise the cold these days. Hope you can stay inside where it's nice and warm.