Wednesday, June 26, 2013

JUNE almost got past me ... whew !

Well  summer is here  and  wow  flying by

So I will just get to it ~  I have 3 cards to share today   ...

#1  is a  card to  carry a picture  to a  friend.  I love this image, I think it is my last copy of it too.
 I will miss  sending these .  I decided to not add a  sentiment,   tho I almost  put COOL   RIDE... or Snoop Dog's Delivery
 Purple seems to be  the color of choice these days,  even in  men  ...
I added  some sparkle to the  chrome  by using silver Stickles , and a white gel pen on the flames and Snoopy , that gave it some dimension.
And some  hand doodling  on the edges.with  basic  layers .
 I need to make this card large enough to hold a  4 x 6  picture  so it is  41/2  x  6 1/2

  and  here ya  go

#2.  is  a birthday card for my oldest  brother... I thought a  napping bear   was  appropriate : )
I stayed with traditional colors  for the sunflowers  and  a bright pattern  paper  to  set the image  up.
I colored with colored pencils and used a blender pen...Oh I added  BIG BROTHER BEAR across the  top   in my  hand writing

# 3.  is another birthday card, for my  special friend  Lisa.  She too loves  purple...
  I used a  SU dp  that I love,  mounted it on white card  base   then I  added  some  bling and a  flower
 and a  butterfly...    I  filled the card with  puppy kisses  from Miss Daisy  and  hugs  from me ...We sure miss  her a lot ...
  Hope she likes it !

 So  I am now  making a list  of what cards I need  real soon
 I know I need a birthday card for a dear friend  and  anniversary cards  for  both of my brothers ~ all before    next week  ~   busy  busy

I hope you are enjoying  your summer,  there  is some beautiful sunshine in mine  and a lot of ball  games  along with  watching  my  youngest grand daughter  grow up way to fast...But  she is so much  fun ...
Maybe I will  do an update of pictures, or  should I just  get that  family  blog  up and running?????

As always, thanks for stopping by,  hope you enjoyed  your iced tea   and  my kitties.  I know  they were  glad   to have company   too  : )

Take care,  Smile  and  share  your happiness , there is some one out there  that  can use it  !
bye now ...



  1. I can't believe its almost July, summer I'd flying by for me.
    Lovely cards!

  2. All three cards are fabulous! Of course, I love the purple ones. ;) The Snoopy card is just too cute. Love the image.

    1. Thanks Maggie ... yes PURPLE is an IN color for sure
      and I love this image too, I am looking for the stamp

  3. Loved reading your post! The cards are wonderful!! I love them all. I especially love the napping bear. I think just combine the family pics on this blog. Two blogs would be a lot of work. LOL Take care!

  4. Well updating the blog does not take the time or is not hard
    it is the actually making of cards that hangs me up lol

    I do take a lot of pictures, grand kids , pets and God's beauty... so not sure about mixing it in with crafting...

    but thanks for your input so glad you enjoy my blog ! thanks

  5. Sonja, these are wonderful. So sorry no more Snoopy motocycle images though. :( Maybe God will bless you with some at some point. That card for your brother is my favorite, but you know I'm partial to bears, lol.

    You could always try to do two blogs, then if it doesn't work, go with one here. Your blog title works with it, it says to me "this is my life, welcome, have a seat and enjoy a lemonade while we chat about it all.

    Thanks again for all the inspiration, dear friend.


    1. If I do 2 blogs I think this one will remain family life and pic and I will change the craft one tho a sweet friend named my craft area at the old house, so that would be hard to give up : )

      but I could do Daisy's and grand kids make me smile for the family blog:) Daisy hint hint my lil doggie