Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still creating...but with material

                                                           No  Cards Today
However I thought I would share a few of the blankets that I made  for  our new little  guy...The three

on top  are  the last three I  made,  and  the  adorable monkey face one Ali made for  her  new little brother, and  gave to  Krista  the day we  did a card shower  from friends  back home at church...

And these are the first few I made  .I love all the choices of fabric Krista choose...

 So  there  you have  it...I do  have one more to make,  his  gramma  blanket   : )

                                       Thanks  for stopping by,  I am glad to see you  all...
                                            Hope you are having a  "smiley" kind of day

                                                         See you all soon, bye for now  ...



  1. I always enjoy seeing the different fabric patterns in the blankets you make... and always made with such love. Hugs & Blessings Kel

  2. Thank Kel, yes there is a lot of love in each one...I am thankful my daughters enjoy having and using them

  3. love to see your growth into other crafts. awesome blankets


  4. thanks brandy, I love to make baby blankets...I have made a supply for each of my grand children

  5. Great patterns! I have quilted quilts for our grandchildren when they were young and for our kid. Now, I don't sew much anymore. Thank you for sharing these pretty blankets.

  6. Thanks sharon...this is about the extent of my sewing...these days any way and yes I thought the patterns of material were great... thanks for stopping by...