Monday, April 13, 2015

March winds. Brought us a BABY

Hello, yes my new grandson was born March 24  right on his due dae. His mommy had a long day. But at 12:56 am he arrived. With a little help .He is beautiful and my third grand son. And the youngest of 6 grand children . He is such a good baby and eating. Really good, doing all the pooping and peeing he is supposed to. Lol
He was welcomed home by his big sister Alissa who fell in love with him, and 2 big brothers, Cody at 14. And Dustin is almost 11. I am sure he will be taught how to play ball by all of them
His mommy and daddy settled in as pros at being good parents again    

                                so, here he is, please meet Wyatt Ryan Quick
                                   who we thought was going to be called. #4  

Yes he may be the sixth, butGod always makes sure there is enough room in my heart and enough LOVE too. I am so blessed...

Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing my joy
I hope to add more pictures soon.  Til then, remember to smile

Hmmm I see the picture did not post, I am on the iPad. Since the 3 rd laptop has stopped working. For


  1. Congrats on the newest grandchild! Pictures aren't coming up but I am sure he just beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you. Yes he is. Not sure why the pics are not showing. Working from an iPad.

  3. Hey Soni. Just letting you know I miss seeing your creativity. Hugs! Kel