Monday, October 18, 2010

Over the weekend we had some family pictures taken by a friend...We wanted some out door shots and just casual fun ones too...We ended the day with a wiener roast with family and friends... It was a beautiful day to do this, and we all had a great time... Here are pictures from some of us there...These are just our immediate family, I will share more later of other family and friends... I just need to upload some from my camera too...
I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed having them taken. The kids were all good, no complaining at all, and they even did some candid posing of their own ideas and choice... It was a totally wonderful day and we cannot thank our friend enough for helping is out... She took some simply awesome pictures that day.


  1. What a great group, Soni. I miss the whole gang! Hopefully in the Spring.

  2. Very nice pictures. The kids are growing so much!

    Tell Wally that the hat was perfect. :)

  3. Great pictures Soni. So nice to see all the family. The kids sure are growing up.