Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome Buddy Boy

    I just recently was asked if I would like another cat. A good friend of  my oldest daughter and myself found a  lonely  cat at an abandoned house..  Now keep in mind, she is a dog lover,  and has never really been around cats... So  she  brought  what she thought was a small little female cat...And my first thought was, whoa,  that is  TOM if I ever saw one,  and a big one at
     He is so loving, and loveable too, and  has  crawled into  all of out hearts here. I took  the cat to be checked  to see if " she"  needed  surgery, since we  have so many cats running around and really do not  need any  kitties. And guess what  I was told ?  " It'a a Boy, and a big boy at that..." And I learned that he  had already  had  his surgery,  so after a simple rabie shot,  we just came home to settle in... Though  this cat came  to us  being called Pumpkin,  yes  he  has  orange  fur,  well that and white ...My youngest grandson  said  he looked like a BUDDY... so  he is now  known as Buddy Boy.
And he is getting so much love.I think he likes to be spoiled...
   I wanted to thank   my friend  for giving me the opportunity to  help this  sweet cat, and give him a loving home  and also thank  the very kind lady at the clinic for  being such a generous person. She has a foundation to help deter the high costs of   taking care of cats..
      These cards are both  basic, or  extremely simple  but  come from my heart, with a lot of  THANKS.  I did  add some of the  dp  to the inside of each card  to  add some  fun .

Thanks for stopping by, I will see you all soon...

I will  post a  few pictures  of  all three of  my  cats  and of course  my  Daisy Girl,  my Shih Tzu   soon...


  1. Aaaawwwww....Buddy Boy is so lucky! I love those papers. Simple is better in this case. It lets those papers shine!

  2. So sweet. You're a very good person to take Buddy in to your family. I'm sure your friends will appreciate those hand made cards from your heart.

  3. What a heart-warming story of animal rescue! I tip my hat to you for saving another furry friend! Your cards will be so appreciated because they came from the heart! Good luck with the Tom cat :)

  4. Buddy sounds positively Purrr-fect for you. I can't wait to meet him. Love those papers you used.

  5. These are adorable! It's so awesome for you to take in Buddy. Have fun with him!