Thursday, May 9, 2013

And May is zipping right along....

      Hello,  how are all of you???  We are finally getting to enjoy some  nice  spring like weather...  Yippee
 In our  group that loves to create,  and share,  this  month  the theme was awesome.  Tea pots and  vintage... perfect together.
I only  have one card  made so far, it was the big challenge tho,  we were  instructed  to use ONLY  supplies we  received.
 We could  add a card  base, but no other paper or embellishments or stamps... I did a 4 1/4  x 4 1/4  square card

Then  I changed it  up  a  bit  to use it  for   a special  young  lady.I took off the  oval and added another oval that said with  love on Mothers;s  Day~ O know I scanned it in,  but  nope, I cannot find   
 She  just had her first  baby  on Thursday
She  has called  me GRANDMA for 25  years,  no blood, just lots of love . So  I am happy and proud to say, I am a great grandma  now~  I must say, that gets  some  looks  as  most  of  my friends  know  my  oldest grand daughter    is  15, and one    by  my daughters  in  blood...  

Okay, while I had  the left overs out on the table, I decided to make a  thank you card  for a sweet  sweet  dear friend.  She is always  there  with  kind words and prayers.
I  made a  card on a base...Again a square  card, I just like  to  use square cards when I can...  
And my last  card  for today  was actually designed  by one of my daughters...We made these a while  back in one of her classes...    I decided it was perfect  to send   to the mom  of  Kayle ~ my special grand daughter ~  as this is  her first year  as a  grandma  on Mothers Day...  so playing dress up seemed to fit  nicely

Ok  now I still have 2 more Mother's Day cards to make,  but I wanted to  share  these  for now. Then I will be  working on  a graduation card  for my second oldest grand daughter ~ she  will be leaving  8 th grade   and  entering  High School  wow  wow  
So  be sure  to check  back  in a week or so,  to see what I come up with...She is  such a breath of fresh  air,  full of love   and  good stuff, I cannot even  attempt to think of what I may do for her...   

Til then,  enjoy  this spring weather,  and I will try to get my chair on the front porch  so you all can come sit   with me  and visit... 
Bye  Bye  now ...


  1. Love the dress up card. It is so cute and is perfect! :)

  2. All your cards turned out so pretty Soni. I'm sure they will be loved by all the recipients.

  3. They turned out wonderful! Love them all but my favorite is the "thanks friend" one :-)

    1. yes that was just scraps on the table... but I love it too

  4. Great to see you creating again! Love ya bunches! Kel