Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And one final edition for Ali...

My daughter Krista made her daughter Ali and really cool card...We are all card makers, but some of us just did not get around to making ours : (

I love the added sparkle , STICKLES is such an amazing product !It took this simple layout and turned it into total FUN... Great job Krista...You can see more of her creations here ...

I love this card, Ali's theme was chosen after her colors and designs from her bedroom...Hot Pink, with black and white zebra print. I know when she showed me the bedding last year, I was like OH MY GOODNESS. But that is what she wanted, and she still loves it ! : )

So here is the card, and I hope you have enjoyed these updates.
I love to share my family with all of you....

Please stop in again real soon, I will try to get get something crafty up next .... As Always, thanks for visiting, and Blessing to each of you .


  1. That zebra thing must be a teenage thing. Kassie is really into it as well.

    As always, Krista did an awesome job!

  2. LOVE it! That zebra pattern is so fun & I'm really liking the added sparkle....TFS!!!

  3. Krista did a great job with this card. Love the sparks she gave it!

  4. Krista always makes such neat both do. :) Thanks for sharing. Might bookmark it for inspiration later.

  5. Very powerful piece! Like the zebra print with the pink and glitter!

  6. Love the Zebra print and the pink, very "hip" these days.