Monday, December 5, 2011

Ali's birthday...second edition

So here are a few of the pictures from Ali's day. She is just "ALI".
She is a fourteen year old that loves to have fun. She has her grandpas and her mommy's and daddy's sense of humor ,( tho I usually do not ) and loves to share it or display it...
Her Mom made her cake as always, the color is way off here, it is hot pink and black and white zebra print... totally ALI : ) Oh and the hat was a gift she choose on a shopping trip recently for her birthday... Don't you just love it ???? ~

She is full of love and gives her absolute best to everything she does. She is an active sports girl, with softball and volley ball and cheer leading being her favorites, but not the only sports she takes part in... She loves to sing and excels at that too..She loves to bake,and that girl can make fudge : ) , she enjoys reading, and of course painting fancy finger nails... Simply, she enjoys LIFE. And usually without the drama. She believes it is best to be happy and have fun.
She is loved by so many .
God made this ANGEL special, as he did all of my grand children...And I am so proud of each of them.
I say thank you daily for being able to enjoy them, along with their mommies and thank them for sharing my babies ...


  1. Happy Birthday, Ali! I see both your parents in you. One minute you remind me so much of your Mom and then the next, I see your Dad. Stay just the way you are!

    Soni, you should be proud. You raised good girls for them to raise such terrific kids!

  2. Those are great photos of all the family. Krista did outstanding as always on the cake. Glad you all were able to have a fun time together in celebrating Ali's birthday.

  3. Great photos & that cake looks so yummy! TFS!!!!

  4. I can't believe she's 14!!!!! I had fun with that cake. Thanks for the breakfast out with everyone, Ali enjoyed it as well as the rest of us :)