Friday, December 30, 2011

So the New Year is approaching

Hello, how is everyone ?? Are you tired from all you have been doing? Or are you still busy trying to get more done? If so please take just a minute to sit with me, and maybe understand my thoughts .

Are you ready to bring in the New Year?? What does that really mean ???

I am not one to make resolutions. It seems I always think I can do more than I actually can. So I have tried to just think of a few smaller things that are reachable...I have plenty in my life that could use some big help. but I have learned baby steps work better for me : )

So this year I want to try to not be so quick to be judge mental, and along with that I want to try each day to live in a better way, by sharing smiles, and love in any way I can, but most of all I want to try to not let anger in. And my biggie is an ongoing struggle I have, to be able to forgive on a better level. These may sound easy, but not really .The last one will be a lot of work.

The main focus in my year is to ENJOY every day, ENJOY all I have , and not wait until tomorrow to do anything I can do today. We really have no guarantees about a tomorrow . This year has taught me a lot... Life happens, and we go on...We miss the ones we have lost, but we still have our life to live . Yes there is sadness, but there is also goodness , in our memories, and our future.

My family is the center of my world, they are my purpose to live each day. So I plan to love each of them, that part is easy. : )
I hope to be able to be there for my family, just as they have been their for me all of this year, and always in the past. My family is not only relation, but an extended group of friends as well. I am blessed with all that I call FAMILY...

My last area I want to do better at is my crafting and my blog... I really love to create, it does not matter if it is cards, scrap book pages, or gifts for others, I truly enjoy just playing with all of my wonderful TOYS... My crafting area is my HAPPY PLACE, and my computer is just a very favorite thing in my life ... So I want to get more organized, better structured and just basically more regular, especially in making and sharing... Learning new things and ways is right up at the top of my list... : )

So as we get ready to bring 2011 to an end, and look back at our year, I hope we all can smile, and know this NEW YEAR is waiting. It has a lot of POTENTIAL , and much HAPPINESS just sitting there .. It is up to us to REACH out, and make ALL we can of what is waiting for us..

I wish you all a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR with BLESSINGS every day.. I think the KEY to this is to be ourselves, LOVE one another and SEE the good around us , and to simply LIVE a GOOD LIFE... Remember to be HAPPY , and SMILE...

So whatever you want to accomplish in this new year, I wish all of you luck... I hope I get to join you as you reach towards your goals, and see any part of it that I can. Sharing is so much FUN .


Hugs to all of you ,
Love Sonja

My belief is GOD gives us so much, what we do with that is our gift back to HIM... So whatever your belief is, just keep on BELIEVING...


  1. What a wonderful message Soni. Wishing you many blessings for the coming year. I truly hope 2012 brings you all the joy and happiness your heart can hold.

  2. Great things to keep an eye on in the coming year. Some of them I've never seen as a problem with you.

    Know that I love you, miss you and am thankful to be a part of your 'extended family'.

  3. You are a very wise, sweet woman. . .there was so much wisdom in this post and it was so inspiring.

    Hugs, Curt