Friday, December 2, 2011


Again I have not really created for Christmas this year, so I thought I would share some things from the past, I believe I made this two years ago for my youngest daughter, Krista .
We try to make at least one gift for some one..I made another one just like this for a very SPECIAL friend that loves purple too : )

And here is the name frame that Krista made for me the same year. And the last picture is not a very good picture, I apologize, but it is a word frame I made for my oldest daughter, Tammy. She loves snowmen, so I thought she would like this... But I ended up having to make her one just like her sisters...So that was three of those that I made that year : )
: ) Yes my girls are SPOILED, but I would not have it any other way : )
We were so lucky to find the same DP and what ever else we needed...

Those memories are part of what I treasure at Christmas time.
Being with FAMILY is the best gift of all...

I did make one or two new items recently, but they were for a fun exchange with a great group of ladies on Splitcoaststampers, and we have not opened our boxes of goodies yet. So as soon as we do our reveal, I will post those items for all of you top see ...

I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas Season, and thanks so much for stopping by...
I will be waiting for you to stop in again real soon.....

May your Christmas season be BLESSED and full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.... Hugs to all of you

OOPS the first picture ( the winter frame ) is supposed to be the last, and the last one ( Purple Merry Christmas ) is really the first one...geesh, why can I not get this to work right???? Sorry for the technical challenge on my part... * shaking my head...


  1. Beautiful frames made with so much love. :) Christmas is a wonderful time for memories. :)

  2. I LOVE these! Why have I not thought to make them? Must try one someday. And a tip.. I've discovered if I load my pics in reverse order... last one first and build my way back to the top, they stay in order better.

  3. Those were some good memories and lovely things that were created for your girls with your hands and your love.

  4. Homemade presents are the best! Those are great, thanks for sharing and giving some ideas and inspiration! Might want to make one of those for my SIL. :)

  5. I love my purple Christmas one!!! She did a great job on both.